Bigtricks Telegram Group Rules

We welcome everyone in the Bigtricks Telegram Group, We have created this group to help users to explain or understand the offers or tricks if they are shucking somewhere. Community users can help each other and create an environment of supports.

Bigtricks Telegram Group

Their are certain rules that needs to be followed to be a part of Bigtricks Telegram Group. You may get Banned from the group if you does not follow rules or break them

Rules & Regulations of being a Member of Telegram Group

1. Buy / Sell Deals in Group

  1. All members are requested to do DVA ONLY[ Deal Via Admin ]. Neither the admins nor creator is responsible for the loss of your money. Type #dva for help. We can not tell you who is trusted or who is not. This is totally your responsibility if you are not doing #DVA
  2. We’re not responsible for losses in any type of inbox deal & deals are not allowed in the group.

2. Referral Links & Codes

  • Referral Links/Codes are not allowed in any way. You can not ask the user to DM or Ping you For Referral codes or send such messages.
  • In case any user needs referral code for some app they should post in the group and then only one user can send the code post that user must delete the message
  • On Posting Referral code or link, you will get a Warning
  • If some one sends users referral link or promo code to their inbox the user will get 2 warning and will be blocked if he continues to do so.

3. Vulgarity & Abuse

  • Disrespecting someone in the group or personal messaging a member with abuse messages or vulgarity is not allowed
  • In case someone does so they will get a permanent ban from the group
  • If someone is a victim, then he can contact any admin and we will take the action.
  • Respect everyone’s language preferences
  • No Adult content is allowed in the group, you will be directly banned if found the posting.

4. Warnings & Block

  • A user will get a maximum of 5 warnings.
  • Once 5 warnings complete, the user will be blocked from the group
  • Once blocked, You can’t access the group again.
  • If you are banned mistakenly, please contact any of the admin for unblocking request.

5. Set up a username

  • To be accepted in Group, users must have setup their username
  • Username is necessary for your identity and actions.
  • Username must be your name and nothing else
  • Promoting channels or group from username is not allowed

6. Support & Queries

The Group is for support and your queries and you can ask it any time from any member, Admins are here to help you with any issue and you can also send your query to @bigtricksbot if you are blocked.