[1ACNT5] Gullak Referral Code – Earn Free Gold Upto ₹10,000

Gullak Referral Code 1ACNT5, Gullak Gold+ Referral Offer: Welcome back guys, We are back with a new Referral code Offer where you can earn assured free cash for referring new friends and saving gold. The Gullak app helps you achieve your saving goals by automatically saving daily and purchasing gold. The app is similar to Siply app referral code and Indiagold app referral code

You also get free gold up to ₹50 for using a referral code. We have added our Gullak referral code which is 1ACNT5, Moreover, There is no requirement for KYC to start using the app. You need to set up an Autopay to deduct the daily amount, Which you can disable anytime when you want.

The Investment auto-pay setup starts at Just Rs.10/ Per day.

Gullak Referral Code

Gullak Referral Code1ACNT5
Signup BonusUpto ₹50
Referral BonusUpto ₹10,000
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How To Signup on the Gullak app and earn up to ₹2000 Free Gold & Chance to Win 1Gm gold

1. First, click on the link below to download the Gullak Savings app.

2. Click on the Get started button and enter your mobile number.

Gullak Referral Code

3. Verify your mobile number with OTP and enter your full name and age.

Gullak Referral Code

4. Click on “Enter Referral Code” and enter the Referral code for Gullak

Gullak Referral Code is 1ACNT5

Gullak Referral Code

5. Now You will see the Gullak Gold+ Banner, Click on Let’s Go Button

Gullak Referral Code

Choose the quantity for which you want to invest.

Gullak Referral Code

6. Complete Your KYC & Start Investing in Gullak Gold+

Understand Gullak Gold+ in 30 Seconds:

7. With the Gullak Gold+ Plan You will keep earning up to 5% extra every year.

8. This is an investment in Gold. You can even invest 0.5 gram of gold for a year and earn flat4% interest on that + Gold prices are rising..

Gullak Referral Code

9. Confirm Your lease and pay the amount & confirm the lease

10. You will need to enter your PAN number to confirm the KYC.

11. Once done, You are now part of gullak Gold+ family

Gullak Referral Code

How To Invest One Time in Gullak Gold+

5. Once you sign up on the homepage you will get an option to start saving.

Gullak Referral Code

6. Click on the custom and enter the amount ₹10

7. Now you need to set up autopay with Phonepe/ Paytm app/

Gullak Referral Code

8. Don’t worry, You can cancel the autopay later.

Gullak Referral Code

9. Now once the autopay is set up, you will get the option to claim rewards.

Gullak Referral Code

10. You can get there up to ₹150 rewards instantly.

11. Complete more tasks and earn more.

How Gullak Gold+ Works

Gullak Refer & Earn

The Gullak app is offering Rs.2000 per referral when your referrer makes a transaction and starts saving on the Gullak app. You can check out the below steps –

1. Visit Rewards Section

2. Nowhere, Click on Refer & Win

3. You will also get the option to claim a jar.

4. Copy links and share them with friends to earn more.

What is Gullak Gold+

When you invest in Gullak Gold+, you are essentially buying gold on lease from Gullak. Gullak then leases the gold to jewelers, who use it to make jewelry. The jewelers pay Gullak a rent for the gold, and Gullak shares a portion of this rent with you in the form of returns.

Who Should Invest in Gullak Gold+

Gullak Gold+ is a good investment for anyone who is looking for a safe and profitable way to invest in gold. It is also a good option for investors who are looking for an alternative to traditional gold investments, such as buying gold bars or coins.

How to Invest in Gullak Gold+

You can invest in Gullak Gold+ by opening an account with Gullak and selecting the Gullak Gold+ option. You can then choose the amount of gold you want to invest in and the duration of your investment.

Risks of Gullak Gold+

There are a few risks associated with investing in Gullak Gold+, including:

  • Gold price risk: The value of your investment will fluctuate with the market price of gold.
  • Counterparty risk: There is a risk that Gullak could default on its obligations, which could result in you losing your investment.
  • Liquidity risk: It may take some time to sell your gold investment, which could result in you having to sell it at a loss if the market price of gold has fallen.

Benefits of Gullak Gold+

There are several benefits to investing in Gullak Gold+, including:

  • High returns: You can earn returns of up to 5% per annum over and above the market price appreciation of gold.
  • Diversification: Gold is a great way to diversify your investment portfolio.
  • Hedge against inflation: Gold is a good hedge against inflation because it tends to hold its value when prices are rising.
  • No risk of loss: Gullak Gold+ is a secured investment, which means that your investment is backed by physical gold.

How to Refer Friends

  1. Go to the Rewards section of the app.
  2. Click on “Refer and Win” at the top right.
  3. Copy your referral code.
  4. Share your referral code with your friends and family.
  5. You will receive a ₹50 bonus for every friend you refer who signs up and makes their first deposit.

Some Q&As

How to un-lease gold from Gullak Gold+:

  • Un-leasing gold from Gold+ can be done from the Gold+ section in the app.
  • It may take 1-2 days for the gold to get transferred back to your Gullak before you can withdraw or sell.

Is Gullak safe and secure?:

  • Yes, Gullak is 100% safe and secure.
  • It is built by the makers of BHIM and is partnered with Paytm for secure payment gateways.
  • Gullak uses UPI autopay by NPCI and follows all RBI guidelines.
  • Your money is invested in 24K 999 pure gold provided by Augmont, which is NABL and BIS accredited.

Can I withdraw my savings from Gullak?:

  • Yes, you can withdraw your savings anytime.
  • To withdraw, go to the home screen, click on withdraw, enter the quantity (gms) of gold you want to sell, enter your UPI ID, and click on withdraw.
  • The withdrawal is instant and does not require any KYC.

Who is Gullak’s digital gold provider?:

  • Gullak’s digital gold provider is Augmont Enterprises Private Limited, India’s leading state-of-the-art Gold and Silver refinery, and India’s largest fully integrated Gold player.

How can I refer my friends to Gullak?:

  • To refer your friends to Gullak, go to the Rewards section, click on “refer and win” at the top right, copy the code, and share it with your friends via WhatsApp, SMS, email, etc.
  • Your referral reward will be credited to your rewards section as soon as the friend you referred sets up their first autopsy.

Is my data safe on Gullak?:

  • Yes, Gullak ensures that all your data is encrypted and hashed.
  • It uses account safeguards, SSL certificates, secured payment gateways by Paytm, and follows all compliances to ensure the safety and security of your data.

What rewards can I win on Gullak?:

  • Gullak offers various rewards, including assured rewards of up to ₹200 for saving for seven days, a chance to win up to ₹125 for referring your friends, and waived off making or delivery charges on the purchase of a Gold coin through Gullak worth ₹1100.

Terms and Conditions

  • The referral program is valid for new users only.
  • The referral code must be used during signup.
  • The first deposit must be ₹100 or more.
  • The bonus will be credited within 24 hours of making the first deposit.
  • There is no limit to the number of friends you can refer.
  • Gullak reserves the right to modify or cancel the program at any time.

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