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Flipkart Daily Trivia Quiz Answers Today

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Flipkart Trivia Quiz Answers |17 September 2021

Answer: Kerala

Answer: Rohit Sharma

Answer: Germany

Answer: Swimming

Answer: Nepal

Flipkart Trivia Quiz Answers |15 September 2021

Q1. Which word is derived from a French word which literally means ‘piece cut off’
Answer: Coupon

Q2. Former PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee received which award in 1992?
Answer: Padma Vibhushan

Q3. Which of these animals does not have bones?
Answer: Shark

Q4. In Harry Potter films, the creature thestral can only be seen by those who have witnessed
Answer: Death

Q5. Which of these countries was not colonised by Spain?
Answer: Colombia


Flipkart Trivia Quiz Answers |11 September 2021

Answer: OBD




Answer: Anil Chaudhary


Flipkart Trivia Quiz Answers |10 September 2021

Answer: Ajay Jadeja

Answer: Vijay Anand

Answer: Asha Parekh

Answer: Suman Ganguli

Answer: Ella Fitzgerald

Flipkart Trivia Quiz Answers |08 September 2021

Q1. In which Madhya Pradesh city is the Holkar Cricket Stadium located?
Answer: Indore

Q2. Which country hosted the South Asian Games 2019?
Answer: Nepal

Q3. Who won the Dilip Sardesai Award for taking the most wickets in Test cricket in 2018-19?
Answer: Jasprit Bumrah

Q4. Who recently set the Indian record for the longest gap between 2 T20I matches?
Answer: Sanju Samson

Q5. Who recently became the first New Zealand cricketer to hist six sixes in an over?
Answer: Leo Carter

Flipkart Trivia Quiz Answers |07 September 2021

Q1. The popular web series ‘Tripling’ is produced by which media house?
Answer: TVF

Q2. Which TV series is about CIA officer Carrie Mathison?
Answer: Homeland

Q3. Which 1960 historical film was re-released in 2004 in a full-colour version?
Answer: Mughal-e-Azam

Q4. Which character in the comedy show Dekh Bhai Dekh was played by Shekhar Suman?
Answer: Sameer Diwan

Q5. Which of these Hollywood actresses was born in Darjeeling?
Answer: Vivien Leigh

Flipkart Trivia Quiz Answers |2 September 2021

Q1. Which is the world’s second-largest religion with over 1.8 billion followers?
Answer: Islam

Q2. World’s first mobile call was made between employees of Motorola and
Answer: Bell Labs

Q3. Called lead, the tip of a pencil is made up of what?
Answer: Graphite

Q4. The name of which dish literally means ‘spicy food suitable for a diet’?
Answer: Jalfrezi

Q5. Which city was briefly called Batmania, in honour of its founder John Batman?
Answer: Melbourne

Flipkart Trivia Quiz Answers |1 September 2021

Q1. Kareena Kapoor played the role of _ in the film Jab We Met.
Answer: Geet

Q2. The only words that Harshaali Malhotra’s character utters in Bajrangi Bhaijaan are
Answer: Jai Shri Ram, Mama

Q3. Princess Fiona is the wife of which fictional ogre?
Answer: Shrek

Q4. Which city’s tourism has grown as it is the set for King’s Landing in Game of Thrones?
Answer: Dubrovnik, Croatia

Q5. _ won the Best Motion Picture – Animated Golden Globe Award 2020.
Answer: Missing Link

Flipkart Trivia Quiz Answers |25 August 2021

Q1. Which Of These Players Did Not Score a Century in the 2015 ODI World Cup?
Answer: Ajinkya Rahane

Q2. In Ramayana, Who left Sita near sage Valmiki’s Ashram after Rama Banished Her?
Answer: Lakshmana

Q3. In Which Field Does the Indian Government give the Sant Kabir Award?
Answer: Textile

Q4. Which of these is a Subdivision of the Geological time Period ‘ Holocene’
Answer: Meghalayan

Q5. Who is the Subject of the Biological film ‘ Kaptaan’: The Making of a Legend?
Answer: Imran Khan

Flipkart Trivia Quiz Answers |23 August 2021

Q1. Pramod Khanna replaced his brother Vinod Khanna in which of these Salman Khan films?
Answer: Dabangg 3

Q2. Which of these Vishal Bhardwaj films is not a Shakespearean adaptation?
Answer: Makdee

Q3. For the role of Diljit Dosanjh in Good News, which actor was the first choice?
Answer: Badshah

Q4. Which competition is the Jason Bateman film Bad Words about?
Answer: Spelling Bee

Q5. Which iconic Bollywood villain’s name comes from a 1953 American film?
Answer: Shakaal Mogambo

Flipkart Trivia Quiz Answers |22 August 2021

Q1. Nivi, Madisar, Kodagu and Khasi are styles of wearing what garment?
Answer: Sari

Q2.The Daroji Sanctuary in Ballari, Karnataka was created to preserve which animal?
Answer: Sloth Bear

Q3. Which Shillong-born Indian author’s first name is Suzanna?
Answer: Arundhati Roy

Q4. Chhaganlal Karamsi Parekh loaned Rs 80 for the establishment of what?
Answer: Lijjat Papad

Q5. A batsman from which of these countries has never scored an ODI double century?
Answer: Australia

Flipkart Trivia Quiz Answers |20 August 2021

Q1. Which of these films depicts how Love Existed in the past, and how it is in the present?
Answer: Love Aaj Kal

Q2. ___ is a 2008 thriller film starring Rajeev Khandelwal ?
Answer: Aamir

Q3. Donald Trump appeared in the 2nd part of Which Film Series?
Answer: Home Alone

Q4. Which Singer was seen in the Films like Love in Nepal, Pyara Dushman And Taqdeer?
Answer: Sonu Nigam

Q5. Which movie was sent as India’s Official Entry for Oscar Awards in 2016?
Answer: Visaranai

Flipkart Trivia Quiz Answers |18 August 2021

Q1. In the United States, what sport is known as “the national pastime”?
Answer: Baseball

Q2. Who is the owner of the Football club Inter Miami CF?
Answer: David Beckham

Q3. Matches of which of these sports are officiated by a referee called gyoji?
Answer Sumo wrestling

Q4. The women teams of which two countries played the first-ever T201 match?
Answer: England-New Zealand

Q5. Brian Lara named his daughter after which city where he hit 277 runs as his first hundred?
Answer: Sydney

Flipkart Trivia Quiz Answers |17 August 2021

Q1. What surname does the lead couple of the 2007 film Saawariya share?
Answer: Kapoor

Q2. Which duo gave the music for the iconic film ‘Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge’?
Answer: Jatin-Lalit

Q3. Which Indian actress is also known for her role in the film ‘Kashmir Ki Kali’?
Answer: Sharmila Tagore

Q4. The title of the iconic film ‘Do Bigha Zamin’ was inspired by a poem by
Answer: Rabindranath Tagore

Q5. In the film ‘The Sky is Pink’ Aisha fondly calls her mother Moose and her father
Answer: Panda

Flipkart Trivia Quiz Answers |16 August 2021

Q1. Founded by Jawaharlal Nehru, which newspaper had a Hindi edition named Navjivan?
Answer: National Parade

Q2. Which fruit was first named ‘Yang Tao’ but was then given a bird’s name?
Answer: Kiwifruit

Q3. Which king invited Balarama and Krishna to Mathura and advised him to kill Kamsa?
Answer: Akrura

Q4. Who was the first Indian recipient of the Stalin Peace Prize?
Answer: Saifuddin Kitchen

Q5. Which was the first Indian company to sponsor a car in NASCAR Series?
Answer: Mahindra

Flipkart Trivia Quiz Answers |15 August 2021

Q1. Which set of civilian awards is given out by the President on Republic Day?
Answer: Padma Awards

Q2. Who is the head of state in India?
Answer: President

Q3. Which state are you in if you are watching the Wagah-Attari border ceremony?
Answer: Punjab

Q4. Mahatma Gandhi has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize a total of how many times?
Answer: Five

Q5. Saddened by the partition of the country, where was Mahatma Gandhi on 15th August 1947?
Answer: Calcutta

Flipkart Trivia Quiz Answers |14 August 2021

1. Who plays a Delhi man masquerading as a Russian in ‘Go Goa Gone?
Answer – Saif Ali khan

2. Kilikili is a fictional language spoken in which of these films?
Answer – Baahubali

3. The instrument is generally used to create sound effects in horror films.
Answer – Waterphone

4. Which Indian classical music instrument was ‘Ustad Vilayat Khan’ an exponent of?
Answer – Sitar

5. Complete the dialogue from the film Psycho-“A boy’s best friend.
Answer – is his mother

Flipkart Trivia Quiz Answers |13 August 2021

Q1. Which of these is a book written by the Congress leader Shashi Tharoor?
Answer: Why I Am a Hindu

Q2. Which of these creatures performs two kinds of dances – the round and the waggle?
Answer: Honeybees

Q3. The original Lifebuoy jingle was composed and sung by
Answer: Jagjit Singh

Q4. Who was the first teenager to score a goal in a FIFA World Cup final?
Answer: Pele

Q5. Which planet was named by 11-year old Venetia after the Roman god of the underworld?
Answer: Pluto

Flipkart Trivia Quiz Answers |12 August 2021

1) Who is the only Asian player to win a Man of the Match award in a Test at WACA, Perth?
Answer: Irfan Pathan

2) Which of these is not a football position?
Answer: Tackle

3) While watching what among these would you witness a matador?
Answer: Bullfighting

4) Who is the youngest cricketer to lead a side in the Deodhar Trophy?
Answer: Shubman Gill

5) How many overs were played in the first-ever ODI match?
Answer: 40

Flipkart Trivia Quiz Answers |11 August 2021

Q1. Which Aamir Khan film was nominated for a BAFTA Award?
Answer: Rang De Basanti

Q2. In the film Welcome, which two creatures are present in Majnu Bhai’s painting?
Answer: Horse and Donkey

Q3. Which Hindi film is supposedly based on the life of the criminal ‘Abdul Latif’?
Answer: Raees

Q4. An actor from which film was awarded a posthumous Oscar Award for Best Supporting Actor?
Answer: The Dark Knight

Q5. Ian McKellen plays the role of which superhero in the X-Men universe?
Answer: Magneto

Flipkart Trivia Quiz Answers |10 August 2021

1) Which is is the oldest and largest branch of Christianity?
Answer: Roman Catholicism

2) Which of these Indian states borders the Gulf of Mannar?
Answer: Tamil Nadu

3) One of the most expensive Indian artwork ever sold was by F N Souza. What was is it titled?
Answer: Birth

4) Sonia Gandhi succeeded whom as the INC President in 1998?
Answer: Sitaram Kesri

5) Standing up to 1.8 m, the tallest and heaviest cattle breed originated in
Answer: Italy

Flipkart Trivia Quiz Answers |09 August 2021

1) Which country’s players will not be a part of Asia XI for T20Is vs World XI in Bangladesh?

Answer: Pakistan

2) In which city of Australia is the Boxing Day Test match played every year?

Answer: Melbourne

3) Who was the first golfer of African American descent to win the Masters Tournament?

Answer: Tiger Woods

4) Which sport traces its origin to the Roman game of paganica?

Answer: Golf

5) Which of these is one of the world’s four major golf tournaments?

Answer: U.S. Open

Flipkart Trivia Quiz Answers |08 August 2021

1) In 2019, which Bollywood actor launched his son with the film Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas?

Answer : Sunny Deol

2) Which of these cricketers was named after their mother’s favourite musician?

Answer : Sachin Tendulkar

3) Inventory, Optimisation, Overhaul and Shut Down are episode titles of which web series?

Answer : Kota Factory

4) Which actor has the highest number of Filmfare nominations for Best Actor?

Answer : Amitabh Bachchan

5) If the Indian version of ‘The Office’ is set in Wilkins Chawla, the US version is set in

Answer : Dunder Mifflin

Flipkart Trivia Quiz Answers |07 August 2021

1) Which is the first state to be mentioned in our National Anthem?

Answer : Punjab

2) What country’s solid green flag was replaced in August 2011?

Answer : Libya

3) Which Billie Eilish song was named ‘Song Of The Year’ at the Grammy Awards 2020?

Answer : Bad Guy

4) Which Apple product got its name from the film ‘2001: A space Odyssey’?

Answer : iPod

5) Where would you find the largest number of Portuguese speaking people?

Answer : Brazil

Flipkart Trivia Quiz Answers |06 August 2021

Which of these is not included in a suit of cards?

Which batsman has hit the most international sixes for India?
Rohit Sharma

Ex-CSK spinner Shadab Jakati recently retired. Which state did he belong to?

Which Premier League club is owned by Fenway Sports Group of the USA?
Liverpool FC

Who is captain of Wisden’s IPL team of the decade?
Rohit Sharma

Flipkart Trivia Quiz Answers |05 August 2021

Q1. Wonder Woman ____ is a sequel to the 2017 film Wonder Woman.
Answer: 1984

Q2. Who among these was a part of the film Housefull 4?
Answer: Nawazuddin Siddiqui

Q3. Jamtara, a city in ____ shares its name with a Netflix series.
Answer: Jharkhand

Q4. Hello, a ___ film won the National Award for Best Feature Film.
Answer: Gujarati

Q5. Which recent Netflix film is adapted from the book ‘I Heard You Paint Houses’?
Answer: The Irishman

Flipkart Trivia Quiz Answers |4 August 2021

Q1. Which of these terms would you not associate with the Indian parliament?
Answer: Hour

Q2. Vidhana Soudha is the seat of the state legislature of which state in southern India?
Answer: Karnataka

Q3. Who recently became the 3rd Indian to win the ICC ODI Cricketer of the Year award?
Answer: Rohit Sharma

Q4. Which UNESCO World Heritage Site was designed by Frederick William Stevens in 1887?
Answer: Victoria Terminus

Q5. Who became the most-nominated living director with 9 Oscar nominations?
Answer: Martin Scorsese

Flipkart Trivia Quiz Answers |2 August 2021

1. Who was the first Indian to hold the post of Governor-General of India?

Ans: C. Rajgopalachari

2. Who was given the best female international cricketer award by the BCCI for 2018-2019?

Ans : Poonam Yadav

3. Which state’s government recently became the first to challenge CAA in Supreme Court?

Ans : Kerala

4. Which country recently shot down a Ukrainian aeroplane carrying 170 people?

Ans : Iran

5. Which island was called Ilha Formosa by Portuguese sailors when they first visited it?

Ans : Taiwan

Flipkart Trivia Quiz Answers |1 August 2021

1. Who was the first Indian to hold the post of Governor-General of India?

Answer : C. Rajgopalachari

2. Who was given the best female international cricketer award by the BCCI for 2018-2019?

Answer: Poonam Yadav

3. Which state’s government recently became the first to challenge CAA in Supreme Court?

Answer : Kerala

4. Which country recently shot down an Ukrainian airplane carrying 170 people?

Answer : Iran

5. Which island was called Ilha Formosa by Portuguese sailors when they first visited it?

Answer : Taiwan

Flipkart Trivia Quiz Answers |30 July  2021

1) Who won a National Award for choreographing the song ‘Main Aisa Kyun Hoon’ in ‘Lakshya’?

Answer: Prabhu Deva

2) Which band sang the songs ‘Bandeh’, ‘Kandisa’ and ‘Ma Rewa’?

Answer: Indian Ocean

3) Who directed the Shahrukh Khan, Madhuri Dixit and Aishwarya Rai-starrer ‘Devdas’?

Answer: Sanjay L. Bhansali

4) Randeep Hooda made his Bollywood debut with which movie in 2001?

Answer: Monsoon Wedding

5) Which of these Sooraj Barjatya directed films was released the earliest?

Answer: Maine Pyaar Kiya

Flipkart Trivia Quiz Answers |29 July  2021

1. The US Federal Aviation Administration has banned its carriers from flying over
Answer: Iran

2. Which company recently became the most valuable American automaker of all time?
Answer: Tesla

3. Who has been named as the new head of Iran’s Quds Force?
Answer: Esmail Ghana

4. Which fort remained the capital of the Mewar state from the 8th to the 16th century?
Answer: Chittorgarh

5. In which country is Steamboat Geyser, the world’s tallest currently active geyser?
Answer: USA

Flipkart Trivia Quiz Answers |28 July  2021

1) Who has scored the most runs in Test cricket for Australia?

Answer: Ricky Ponting

2) Which opener holds the record of scoring the most international runs in a calendar year?

Answer: Rohit Sharma

3) Against which country did the Indian cricket team play their last ODI of 2019?

Answer: West Indies

4) Which of these Indians is not a part of the Wisden ODI team of the decade?

Answer: Shikhar Dhawan

5) Who among these is not among the five Wisden cricketers of the decade?

Answer: David Warner

Flipkart Trivia Quiz Answers |25 July  2021

1. Which domestic cricket team is represented by the batsman Manoj Tiwary?

Answer: Bengal

2. Which IPL team bought the costliest player of this year’s auctions, Pat Cummins?

Answer: KKR

3. Which Indian tennis player won a singles’ bronze medal at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics?

Answer: Leander Paes

4. Which bowler has taken the most international wickets this decade?

Answer: Ravichandran Ashwin

5. Who became the first specialist bowler in history to play 150 Test matches?

Answer: James Anderson

Flipkart Trivia Quiz Answers |22 July  2021

Q1. In cricket, what are scores of 111, 222, 333, called?
Answer: Nelson

Q2. Which player was the costliest purchase in the 2019 IPL auctions?
Answer: Pat Cummins

Q3. Who faced Mary Kom in the women’s boxing trials for the 2020 Olympic Qualifiers?
Answer: Nikhat Zareen

Q4. Who is the youngest bowler in history to take 100 wickets in T20 cricket?
Answer: Mujeeb Ur Rahman

Q5. Which Ranji team has its home grounds in Bhubaneswar and Delhi?
Answer: Railways

Flipkart Trivia Quiz Answers |21 July  2021

The character Black Widow appeared for the first time in which Marvel film?
Answer – Iron man 2

What profession does Sanjay Dutt fake in ‘Lage Raho Munna Bhai’?
Answer – History professor

Which of these actresses was cast opposite Leonardo DiCaprio in ‘Titanic’?
Answer – Kate Winslet

Which of these is a modified sitar created by Niladri Kumar?
Answer – Zitar

In which dialect were the dialogues of the film Sonchiriya written?
Answer – Bundeli

Flipkart Trivia Quiz Answers |20 July  2021

1. Wrestler Babita Phogat recently fought the Vidhan Sabha elections in which state?

Answer : Haryana

2. Which Swiss player has won the most men’s singles Grand Slam championships?

Answer : Roger Federer

3. The motto for which Summer Olympic Games was ‘Welcome Home’?

Answer : Athens 2004

4. Which of these countries has never participated in the ICC Cricket World Cup?

Answer : Oman

5. The most recent edition of the Women’s Hockey World Cup was won by which team?

Answer : Netherlands

Flipkart Trivia Quiz Answers |17 July  2021

1) Which great Maratha warrior set up a cabinet of eight ministers known as Ashtapradhan?

Answer : Shivaji Maharaj

2) Who recently won the Sahitya Akademi Award for ‘An Era of Darkness’?

Answer : Shashi Tharoor

3) The climax of which Aamir Khan film was set in a radio station?

Answer : Rang De Basanti

4) In which dance form is the dancer dressed in a white and gold bordered Kasavu saree?

Answer : Mohiniyattam

5) Which country is the breeding ground of 60% of the world’s Atlantic puffins?
Answer Ans : Iceland

Flipkart Trivia Quiz Answers |14 July  2021

1. Famed for their fighting qualities, which countries do the Gurkhas hail from?
Answer– Nepal

2. Which town is known as the abode of the Hindu god Venkateshwara, Lord of Seven Hills?
Answer – Tirupati

3. Bought by CSK for $1.5 million, who was the most expensive buy-in first-ever IPL auction?
Answer – Ms Dhoni

4. Which acid has been called the single most important industrial chemical?
Answer– Sulfuric acid

5. Who was the first US President to be impeached in 1868?
Answer – Andrew Johnson

Flipkart Trivia Quiz Answers |13 July  2021

1) Which piece in chess can only move forward and never retreat?

Answer: Pawn

2) English computer scientist Allan Plaskett invented which innovation used in cricket?

Answer: Snickometer

3) Which Indian was included ICC Women’s ODI and T201 teams of 2019?

Answer: Smriti Mandhana

4) Which of these major sports is strictly of US origin?

Answer: Basketball

5) A game of which sport consists of six periods of 7 1/2 minutes each called chukkas?

Answer : Polo

Flipkart Trivia Quiz Answers |12 July  2021

1) Actor Dev Anand’s biography is titled ‘_ with life’.

Answer: Romancing

2) Which of these is a John Abraham film directed by Anurag Kashyap?

Answer: No Smoking

3) Which actor made his directorial debut with the film Dil Chahta Hai?

Answer: Farhan Akhtar

4) Which actor has ranked 2nd in the Forbes India Celebrity 100 list after Virat Kohli?

Answer: Akshay Kumar

5) The 1999 Bollywood film ‘Aa Ab Laut Chalen’ is the directorial debut of?

Answer: Rishi Kapoor

Flipkart Trivia Quiz Answers |11 July  2021

1) Complete the name of this famous speech by Martin Luther King Jr: “I Have a

Answer: Dream

2) Which Japanese company is behind the EOS range of cameras?

Answer: Canon

3) Which team bought Australia’s Chris Lynn for Rs 2 crores in the IPL 2020 auction?

Answer: Mumbai Indians

4) Which Dravidian language has the most number of speakers?

Answer: Telugu

5) Which gas causes the familiar odour of a just struck matchstick?

Answer: Sulfur dioxide

Flipkart Trivia Quiz Answers |10 July  2021

1. Which chess piece can move one square in any direction?
Answer – King

2. In honour of which Greek god was the ancient Olympics held?
Answer – Zeus

3. In which Australian city would you find a cricket stadium named “The G”?
Answer – Melbourne

4. Which IPL team’s coach is the former New Zealand captain Brendon McCullum?
Answer – KKR

5. At 48, who is the oldest player in 2019’s IPL auction list?
Answer – Pravin Tambe

Flipkart Trivia Quiz Answers |08 July  2021

1) Who plays the character of Daniel Ocean in the Ocean’s -11,12 and 13 movies?

Answer : George Clooney

2) Director Farah Khan runs an NGO called for women and children living in slums.

Answer : Sneha

3) In an iconic Complan ad, if Shahid Kapoor was Complan Boy then who was Complan girl?

Answer : Ayesha Takia

4) What role did Judy Dench play in the James Bond series?

Answer : M

5) Which of these Bollywood films was a remake of the Korean film, Montage?

Answer : Te3n

Flipkart Trivia Quiz Answers |07 July  2021

1) In which city is the Bangabandhu National Stadium located?

Answer : Dhaka

2) In November 2019, which country won the WBSC Premier12 baseball championship?

Answer : Japan

3) What is the number of countries granted Test playing currently?

Answer : Twelve

4) Who was recently named ICC Women’s Cricketer of the Year?

Answer : Ellyse Perry

5) Who holds the Indian record of scoring the fastest 50 in an ODI?

Answer : Ajit Agarkar

Flipkart Trivia Quiz Answers |04 July  2021

1) Who made his highest ODI score (139 runs) vs India and was then bought by Delhi Capitals?

Shimron Hetmyer

2) How many feet off the ground are Basketball hoop located?


3) In which country was the first-ever ODI played between Australia and England?


4) Who became the first cricketer to score 1000 test runs in 2019?

Marnus Labuschagne

5) Midfielder Sarpreet Singh became the first Indian-origin player to play in ?


Flipkart Trivia Quiz Answers |30 June  2021

1. Staring Irrfan khan which film was a biopic on a 7-time national steeplechase champion
Answer – Paan Singh Tomar

2. Who replaced navjot sing Sidhu in the Kapil Sharma show
Answer – Archana Purana Singh

3. Arun movie and Deepika chkhalia were the lead pair if which iconic tv show
Answer – Ramayana

4. Who wins the title of best student in the film student if the year
Answer – Vishal Shekar

5. Who acted as the boxer apollo creed in the Rocky film series
Answer – Carl weathers

Flipkart Trivia Quiz Answers |27 June  2021

1) How many pawns does each player have in chess?

Answer: Eight

2) For which cricket team did cricketers nickname Big Bird, Super Cat, and Whispering Death play?

Answer: West Indies

3) Which cricketer recently married South Indian actress Ashrita Shetty?

Answer: Manish Pandey

4) Who is the only Indian to score more than 300 runs in four consecutive Test series?

Answer: Gautam Gambhir

5) Which of these neighbouring countries of India has won an individual Olympic medal?

Answer: Pakistan

Flipkart Trivia Quiz Answers |26 June  2021

1) What replaced Internet Explorer as the default browser of Windows 10 PC?

Answer -Microsoft Edge

2) Who gave these ways of diplomacy -“Saam Daam Dand Bhed”?

Answer -Chanakya

3) Which legendary cricketer acted in the Marathi movie ‘Savti Premachi?

Answer -Sunil Gavaskar

4) The name of which of these Saudi Arabian cities literally means town?

Answer -Medina

5) Pranab Mukherjee was the 1st Indian President to visit’s official home in Finland

Answer -Santa Claus

Flipkart Trivia Quiz Answers |25 June  2021

1) Against which team did Virat Kohli smash his highest T201 score?

Ans: West Indies

2) What is Queensland’s premier cricket ground in Brisbane affectionately known as?

Ans: The Gabba

3) Who fell short by 7 runs to become 1st player with 3 triple tons in cricket?

Ans: Virender Sehwag

4) Which of these international cricketers has not played for the Saurashtra team?

Ans: Murali Vijay

5) Who will lead the Indian team in the 2020 U-19 World Cup in South Africa?

Ans: Priyam Garg

Flipkart Trivia Quiz Answers |24 June  2021

1. Who played the role of Rustom Billimoria in the 2017 film Rangoon?

Answer : Saif Ali Khan

2. In whose honour did Pandit Ravi Shankar compose the Raga Mohankauns?

Answer : Mahatma Gandhi

3. Which band released the iconic album Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band?

Answer : The Beatles

4. Courteney Cox was offered which part before she played Monica in the TV show Friends?

Answer : Rachel

5. Former Miss World Manushi Chhillar is all set to make her Bollywood debut opposite

Answer : Akshay Kumar

Flipkart Trivia Quiz Answers |22 June  2021

1. which is the most mobile and powerful piece in chess?

Answer – queen

2. what is the nickname of zimbabwe’s national men’s cricket team

Answer – chevrons

3. against which team did India record their highest successful t20 run chase
Answer – west indies

4. which is the only club this season to win all their group games in the UEFA Championship league

Answer – Bayern Munich

5. to which country does former world number one tennis player Caroline Wozniacki belong

Answer – Denmark

Flipkart Trivia Quiz Answers |21 June  2021

1) Who directed the Shahid Kapoor and Amrita Rao starring film Vivah?

Answer: Sooraj Barjatya

2) Kya kare kya na kare, Yaaro sun lo Zara and Hai Rama are songs from which iconic film?

Answer: Rangeela

3) Galli Galli Sim Sim’ is a Hindi adaptation of which popular English show?

Answer: Sesame Street

4) Who won the Filmfare Award for Best Supporting Actor in 2017 for Kapoor and

Answer: Rishi Kapoor

5) Which of these directors did not direct their son’s debut film?

Answer : Sunil Dutt

Flipkart Trivia Quiz Answers |20 June  2021

1. The name of which mathematical symbol literally means less
Answer – Minus

2. American pop start Miley Cyrus was married to which Australian actor
Answer – Liam Hemsworth

3. Died in 2018 the 106 year old kunwar bai Yadav was an icon for which of these
Answer – Swachh Bharath

4. Who was the first scientist to use the famous phrase survival of the fittest
Answer – Herbert Spencer

5. With the cofounder of which company would you associate the app asana
Answer – Facebook

Flipkart Trivia Quiz Answers |19 June  2021

1 How many squares would you find on a chess board
Answer – 64

2 Which if these trophies is named after an Indian air force air marshal
Answer – Subroto cup

3. Phil Simmons the coach of the Afghanistan cricket team played for which country
Answer – West Indies

4 Which is the oldest football tournament in Asia
Answer – Durand cup

5 In which year did India and Pakistan face each other in a World Cup for the first time
Answer – 1992

Flipkart Trivia Quiz Answers |17 June  2021

1- Which of these creatures kills its prey by a method called ‘constriction’?

Answer: Rock Python

2- In which religion would you find a ritual and family celebration named Bar Mitzvah?

Answer: Judaism

3- Which team won the Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy 2019 final recently?

Answer: Karnataka

4- On which author’s work is the Hollywood movie ‘Journey to the Center of the Earth’

Answer: Jules Verne

5- What is used to forward data packets to the appropriate parts of a computer network?

Answer: Router

Flipkart Trivia Quiz Answers |16 June  2021

1- In which country did chess first appear in the 6th century CE?

Answer: India

2- For which ISL team do Jackichand Singh, Mandar Rao Desai and Brandon Fernandes play?

Answer: FC Goa

3- Who was named The Best FIFA Men’s Player 2019?

Answer: Lionel Messi

4- Who became the first-ever cricketer to play 150 Ranji matches??

Answer: Wasim Jaffer

5- Who recently recorded the most number of Test matches as an umpire?

Answer: Aleem Dar


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