( Proof )UC News App- Download And Get rs. 2000 ,Credited Rs. 5000 (Proof)


UC News is Crediting Rs.5000 I received Rs. 5000 In my Bank Account Check yours  if you have got . if you have any query :

  • Open UC News app .
  • Click on Uc News Icon
  • Then Go to Feedback
  • Click on “Not Found Contact  Us” And Write your Query .
  • Also update your Whatsapp or Facebook user name .


UC News

 Offer expired now

Uc News App refer n earn  : Ucnews refer  Program Is Ended, Winners Of Refer and earn will get their prize worth rs . 5000 soon, may be before 31st december in their bank account . just wait we will update you with proof  as soon as we get the news or we get payment in our account

UC News keeps you up to date with viral stories trending on social network, breaking news & developing stories locally and globally. it rovide News All Languages in India . Uc Mini Promoting Their App By Campaign Refer and Earn , For each Invite you will get upto 2500 Points also On Signup You May get Any Amount Approx Rs.2000. So Invite And Win Free Cash From Uc news , We Don’t Have Detailed Terms And Conditions , When We Get We’ll Update.



Download UC News To Get Free Rs. 2000:


  • Wait for a Minute and let that page open.
  • You Will Be asked to Enter Referral Code  Enter

1390745 (other codes below)

  • After Entering Code You Will Get Approx 2000 Points If you Don’t Enter Code You Will not be eligible for refer and earn 
  • You are now eligible to Invite your Friends on Uc News
  • Now CLick On Collect1x option , you will get any amount based on your luck (More Than 2000)
  • Once you Get  Rs.5000 and Process bar will be Full at 100% you can redeem your Amount in Bank.(We Don’t Have Detailed Terms )

Other Refer Codes By Users : Add Your , Comment Below  :

1657515 – Ranjeet Kumar 

1941353 – Hameed Ayoob

1358117 – Deepankar Dutta 

 1849505 – Ishika Singh

1508068 – Yash Kumar 

2372753 – Pralok 

1351614 – Ravish 

2067314 – Rohit Soni 

2921668 – Tushar 

1899587 – Zakir

Suchitlal Jaiswar 2458055

Proof Of redemption :




From 12 December 2016 to 16th December 2016
How to play(As a invitator):
Click “Start” for your reference code to start contest.
Click “Share” to invite your friends to install UC News
Remind friends to input your reference code after installation (UC News)(Otherwise it will not be counted as your referal)
You can draw for credits(1~2500)as everytime your friends enter your reference code.
Once your credits reached 5000,then you can claim Rs.5000 cash.
UC will transfer Rs.5000 into winner’s bank account once all correct info been submitted before 31th Jan. 2017
Participant need to launch UC News to claim prize(Extra 2000~2500 credits will be given in UC News)
Rs.5000 — No winners limitation (Maximum once for each participant)
For winner, please ensure that your contact info is correct. UC is not responsible for wrong delivery of prize.
Winners should consult the prizes before 31th Dec. 2016.
In case participant fill in contact information many times, UC will use the latest information as the final one.UC will not release participant’s personal information to any third party
Any question or suggestion, please report it by clicking “Feedback” button
User are not encouraged to play the game for prizes with more than 1 phone. If UC find out that 1 person use 2 account to play, UC has right not to deliver prizes.

                           UC News Refer And Earn 

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