Bypass Windows 8/8.1/10 Password Any Software

Bypass Windows Password: This Is Too Normal To Forget The Password Sometimes We Forget passwords of our accounts on many websites . so there is an option for reset password but what if you forget the password of your PC Or laptop ? you can install a new windows but it is quite time consuming also installing software and blah…blah.. You have to loose all your data which is stored in c .  Also There available many tools but it is not possible to tools everytime ;( . So Here In This Post I Will Explain You How You Can Bypass Or Reset Windows password without any software and other lengthy process


Things You Will Need:

  • Windows 8 Boot Disk,Pendrive .
  • A PC or Laptop
  • Patience 🙂

Step-1 : Insert The Boot Disc Into Your CD Drive


Step-2 : Restart Your PC.

Step-3: Press Any Key To boot From CDbigtricks

Step-4: Select The Repair Option From The Display Console


Step 5: After Going To Repair option, Click on troubleshoot, Advanced Option and then Command Prompt.




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Step 6: After opening command prompt write the commands according to the order.

dir (HitEnter)
c: (HitEnter)
dir (HitEnter)
cd users (HitEnter)
dir (HitEnter)
cd (HitEnter)
cd windows\system32 (HitEnter)
rename utilman.exe utilman.old (HitEnter)
rename cmd.exe utilman.exe (HitEnter)
exit (HitEnter)


Step-7 Now Exit From Windows Installation Console.

Step-8:Goto Login Page For Windows (Where Password Is Asked)

Step-9 Click on Ease of Access From Bottom Right Side Of The Screen


Step10: A Cmd Will Be Open .

Step11: Now Type Following Command

net user<Enter>

net user <Username>

you have successfully changed password.:)

Note: While writing the new password in CMD there will no dots or Asterisk but it takes invisible input when you type. Don’t get confused.

This Tutorial Was For Educational Purpose Only.

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