Everything You Need to Know About Reverse Phone Lookup

There was a time when the Rakhi Brothers use to barge on stalker’s place and intimidate them. Tell them about the further actions they could take, if they cross the limits. In older times, people use to perturb the operator to know who has called. The time of Ramsay’s horror movie has ended. Cut to 21st Century, where minds are tied up in minding their own business. The Damsel in distress just must use the TRUE CALLER App on her phone and get the details of spammer.Reverse-Phone-Search-2

Flexing biceps to straighten this issue is a story of past. Cloud computing due to its wide server space availability can hold a lot of data, which otherwise required emotions and exaggeration.

Not only this save time of the unemployed brothers, but also reduces the effort and increases accuracy to spot the spammer. Applications like True Caller also help in catching the people who are interested in knowing your bank account details and are phishing up attractive information. They point the approximate location of the ‘subject’. If he is a spammer from Bihar or a ‘Personalised fake banker’ from Delhi, you could simply get alert as that it’s a spam. It also helps us to get away from getting Credit card calls at a condolence meet.

Reverse phone lookup as the people with all the jargon call it, we usually associate it with Caller IDs. This process is crucial in locating a cellular phone location and all associated related to the Identity of the person. But as the popular Series ‘CID’ use it to spot the criminals; in real life, too it helps in simply triangulating a Potential threat to society.

But the real world is out of the idiot box. This process can simply help you to reach back your potential client and even help us identify long lost friends.  The future of technology is to go back to source rather to look ahead of the curve.

Cloud data is a crucial source of information. These lookup software are often bound by Privacy norms cannot access the exact identity. Your identity is defined how most of the people have saved your name on their contact list. These are accurate for most of the times unless you have less family members and more girlfriends.

Your phone could be the first searching point. Just enter the number string on the dialler and it shows the contact which have that string or nearest neighbour to it.

If you don’t know this person, then it is a tedious task. All you need is the number and a great directory. Applications like True caller and Call id are available on all prominent application stores. There are specialized phone books are also available which are made by various market level committees. But searching for a specific number can be a tedious task in them.

Logically you should go backwards, like the last four digits are usually easier to sort among the data.

If you have a large data in form of a database, easiest way is to write an easiest program to search the string in the database.

Still lost in numbers…. last way out is simply googling it. This can lead you to the related links to the strings. If you are tracing a business associate it could be the best option to reach.

Social networking sites too link accounts. Some applications require phone number If you are in contact list of the person, you can see his WhatsApp Image. (Alert for stalkers: There is a block option too, so smartness is futile).

Now, looking at the online resources available in this sector, The United states and other economies have been dealing with spamming since two decades. We Indians seem to be new players in the field of digital security. Fraudulency using the spilled databases has been a cause of worry for the Indian Government. As per Edward Snowden, it takes Maximum Seventy seconds for a hacker to decrypt your passwords, once he knows some of your details. So, the authenticity of the caller becomes very important. We remember the days of using yellow pages and white pages, but with the telecom boom, it has become a tedious task to print general phone data.

The Americans seem to have a service. They generate top Google search results when the keyword is punched in. This due to prudent planning of telecom industry. We Indians have this access only available on smart phones. This shows that a huge potential of data is untapped. Telephones and Mobile together can help build a big source of data.

So, gone the days of Blank calls and Scary movies! A simple swipe can help you know how small is the world. People with charged mobile phones can have depression and loss of memory. But the caller id in the phone can never forget the person. All you need is an internet connection and you can identify the unknown person with some wrong or right intensions.

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