Jupiter Money – Get Upto 10% Cashback on your Online Spents

Jupiter Money Card Offer

Hello Friends, A new card is coming soon in Indian marker which will be offering upto 10% cashback on your spends for next 3 months. Jupiter Money is releasing soon and they will offer free 10% cashback upto ₹1000 each months for next months.


You just need to reserve your place and wait for the launch. You will get a position in the queue. You just need to refer friends and move ahead of the queue to increase your cashback amount. initially you will get 2.5% cashback offer in your card.

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Jupiter Money Card Features & Benefits

  • Free 1% Cashback on all purchases.
  • Early access : upto 10% cashback on your next 3 months purchases
  • Card issued from Federal Bank

How To Join Firstlist in Jupiter Card Early Access & Earn Upto 10% cashback on all spends online

1. First of all you need to visit the Jupiter Money website. just click on below link and signup yourself

2. Now, You need to enter your mobile number and email ID.


3. no other details required as of now. just complete the signup process and done.


4. You will get a ticket number. You can reduce your position by referring friends for the firstlist.


5. Initially you will get 1.5% cashback on your card but you can get 5%/10% based on the position when you refer friends.

Firstlist Position🤑 Cashback
1 – 2,00010%
2,001 – 5,0005%
5,001 – 10,0003%
10,001 – 25,0002%
25,001 – 1,00,0001%

6. We will post the steps to claim cashback once the product is live.

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