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Flipkart Prize Wali Pathshala Quiz Answers

Flipkart Prize Wali Pathshala Quiz Answer, Flipkart Prize Wali Pathshala Answers, Flipkart Prize Wali Pathshala Proof – Hello, Freinds I hope You are Enjoying Free Recharge Tricks and Daily Amazon Quiz Answers, Friends Flipkart is back with New Quizzes Where You Can Win Flipkart Vouchers. You need to Give 3 Answers only. The Quiz Show is Also Fun.

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SupercoinsAll Users
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3. Now Click On the Banner and You can Find the Promo Video.

4. Now Click on Play Quiz and You will watch a Video and Quiz.

5. There After Giving All the 5 Answers, Click on the Claim Prize button and Check What You have Won.

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Prize Wali Pathshala Quiz Answers 14 January E31


Prize Wali Pathshala Quiz Answers 13 January E30

In which place Laxmi by died fighting

Which mythological weapon is found in the param vir chakra

Which animal is found in the national emblem

Prize Wali Pathshala Quiz Answers 12 January E29

Which ratio is equal to 2:3

Which God is worshipped at Tirumala temple

Mangal Pandey attacked the British in which town

Prize Wali Pathshala Quiz Answers 11 January E28

1.which of these cities was the first capital of the Mughal empire

2.constellation Ursa major a and Ursa minor are commonly referred to as whivh animal

3.two triangles having same sides

Prize Wali Pathshala Quiz Answers 10 January E27

Q1. Which of these rivers originates and terminates within India?
Answer: Chambal

Q2. In which year Facebook was founded
Answer: 2004

Q3. Where is the smallest bone in the human body found
Answer: Ears

Prize Wali Pathshala Quiz Answers 9 January E26


1) Mars
2) Iron
3) Automated teller machine

Prize Wali Pathshala Quiz Answers 8 January E25

Q1. What is permiter of circle
Answer: Circumference

Q2. What does the word corona mean
Answer: Crown

Q3. Which river meets alakananda at Devprayag
Answer: Bhagirathi

Prize Wali Pathshala Quiz Answers 7 January E24

1.leader of 1857 revolt
Answer:-begum Hazrat mahal

2.ozone is made up of how many atoms of oxygen

3.sides dodecagon

Prize Wali Pathshala Quiz Answers 6 January E23

Q1. Which of the following is an odd pair?
Answer: Parineeti and Priyanka Chopra

Q2. To mark whose 100th birth anniversary Indian railway started Satawbdi express
Answer : Jawaharlal Nehru

Q3. Which name is not of smart assistant
Answer: Oculus

Prize Wali Pathshala Quiz Answers 5 January E22

1.who wrote Vande Mataram
Answer:-bankim chandra chaterjee

2.which dance in kerala

3.what is the full form of cid
Answer:-criminal investigation department

Prize Wali Pathshala Quiz Answers 4 January E21

Q1.which of these is found most in CNG

Q2.which of these can hear sounds in the frequency range
Ans:-all of these

Q3.how can trees age be counted
Ans:-trunk rings

Prize Wali Pathshala Quiz Answers 3 January E20

1.how many years did shah Jahan take to complete taj mahal
Ans:-22 years

2.first Indian actress to receive Padma Shri award
Ans:-Nargis Dutt

3.who is first indian to win Olympic medals
Ans:-Karna malleshwari

Prize Wali Pathshala Quiz Answers 2 January E19

1. Soild
2. Kathak
3. Potato

Prize Wali Pathshala Quiz Answers 1 January E18


Answer: Sikkim


Answer: Banana


Answer: Ajanta Caves

Prize Wali Pathshala Quiz Answers 31 December E17

Q1. In which year was Instagram launched
Answer: 2010

Q2. Which is India’s first trillion-dollar company
Answer: Apple

Q3. During what time world War 1 was fought
Answer: 1914-1918

Prize Wali Pathshala Quiz Answers 30 December E16

Q1. Which of these agreements was signed between India Bangladesh in 1971
Answer: Simla agreement

Q2. What is the minimum age to become a member of Rajya sabha
Answer: 30 years

Q3. Jaliwanwala bagh massacre happened in which year
Answer: 1919

Prize Wali Pathshala Quiz Answers 29 December E15

Q1. Which of these zodiac sign is denoted by goat
Answer: Capricorn

Q2. Which of these events in indian history happened first
Answer: Swadeshi movement

Q3. In which Olympic event participants cover most distance
Answer: 50 km walk

Prize Wali Pathshala Quiz Answers 28 December E14

Q1. Sunlight takes how many minutes to reach the earth
Answer: 8 minutes

Q2. Who’s the first Indian to win Oscar
Answer: Bhanu Athiya

Q3. Normally which of these would be largest in size
Answer: Asteroid

Prize Wali Pathshala Quiz Answers 27 December

1) Who was the chairman of the Drafting Committee of Indian Constitution
Answer: Dr.B.R. Ambedkar

2) Which of these also called as’ Golden fibre’
Answer: Jute

3) Which antibiotic was discovered by Alexander Fleming?
Answer: Penicillin

Prize Wali Pathshala Quiz Answers 26 December

Q1. Which of these board games was invented in India?

Answer: Chess

Q2. Which planet in our solar system has the largest ring system?

Answer: Saturn

Q3. Which is the largest Indian state by area?

Answer: Rajasthan

Prize Wali Pathshala Quiz Answers 25 December

Q1. Deficiency of what causes night blindness
Answer: Vitamin a

Q2. Which instrument measures distance travelled wheel
Answer: Odometer

Q3. Which of these awards is given fr excellence in internet
Answer: Webby awards

Prize Wali Pathshala Quiz Answers 24 December

Q1. What’s Salman Khan’s debut movie
Answer: Biwi ho to Aisi

Q2. Who’s known as missile woman of India
Answer: Tessy Thomas

Q3. Which of these Indian state share border with only one state
Answer: Sikkim

Prize Wali Pathshala Quiz Answers 23 December

Q.1 Which of these has the highest density

Q2. Germany’s invasion of which country started world war ii

Q3. Which country won the most number of miss universe
United States

Prize Wali Pathshala Quiz Answers 22 December

Q1. which country has the highest number of an active volcano
Answer: Indonesia

Q2. Which is the oldest political party in India
Answer: Indian National congress

Q3. Which is Shahrukh khan debut film
Answer: Deewana

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