Amazon Funzone Daily Quiz Answers Today – 06 October 2023

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Amazon Funzone Daily Quiz Answers Today- 06 October 2023

Question 1: Who, in 1995, stepped onto the Filmfare stage while being handcuffed?

Answer: Shekhar Kapur

Question 2: During the Ashes 2023, the ICC officially altered Jonny Bairstow’s dismissal from ‘run out’ to what?

Answer: Stumped

Question 3: In 2023, who became the first male player to win each of the four grand slams at least three times?

Answer: Novak Djokovic

Question 4: Parts of this sea creature are used in the treatment of what ailment?

Answer: Rheumatoid arthritis

question 5: The Panama hats come from which country?

Answer: Ecuador

Amazon Funzone Daily Quiz Answers Today- 01 October 2023

Question 1 – The 2023 UEFA Champions League final was played in which city?

The answer is – Istanbul (B)

Question 2 – In the Marvel series ‘Secret Invasion’ , what role is played by Samuel L Jackson?

The answer is – Nick Fury (A)

Question 3 – Which of these is a type of pasta with cylinder shaped pieces?

Answer is – Penne (B)

Question 4 – This is the flag of which country?

The answer is – Ireland (B)

Question 5 – How many players are on court from each team, during a match in this sport?

Answer is – 6 (D)

Amazon Funzone Daily Quiz Answers Today- 27th August 2023

  1. Who became the 17th Indian to score a century in Test debut?
    Answer – Yashasvi Jaiswal
  2. S Phangnon Konyak is the lone MP from which state in the Upper House of Indian Parliament?
    Answer – Nagaland
  3. Scoop’ is based on the real-life tale of which crime reporter, who was framed for the murder of a fellow journalist?
    Answer – Jigna Vora
  4. What was the name of the animal of this species that became the first mammal to be cloned?
    Answer – Dolly
  5. These mosaics are located in which city?
    Answer – Istanbul 

Amazon Funzone Daily Quiz Answers Today- 17th August 2023

  1. Which series does actor Samantha Ruth Prabhu feature in the Indian adaptation of?
    Answer – Citadel
  2. In February 2023, who became the fifth Indian cricketer to score a century in all 3 formats of international cricket?
    Answer – Subhman gill
  3. Which country held a nighttime military parade to celebrate the 75th anniversary of its army?
    Answer – North Korea
  4. Where do these birds make their nests?
    Answer – Burrows
  5. In greek Mythology, which hero quested for the golden fur of this animal?
    Answer – Jason

Amazon Funzone Daily Quiz Answers Today- 5th August 2023

  1. June 2 is celebrated as the formation day of which Indian state?
    Answer – Telangana
  2. Who is the current chairman of the Indian Central Board of Film Certification?
    Answer – Prasoon Joshi
  3. BIMSTEC Energy Center will be set up in which country in 2023?
    Answer – India
  4. Which species of this bird lives above the equator?
    Answer – Galapagos Penguin
  5. Which country consumes the most of this in the world?
    Answer – Japan

Amazon Funzone Daily Quiz Answers Today- 2ndAugust 2023

Q1- Justice Augustine George Masih recently took the oath of office as the Chief Justice of which state’s High Court?

Answer – Rajasthan

Q2- In June 2023, the _ anniversary of World Environment Day was celebrated.

Answer – 50th

Q3- Ivan Menezes, who passed away in 2023, was the CEO of which spirits company?

Answer – Diageo

Q4- In Greek Mythology, which hero killed a version of this animal with invulnerable pelt?

Answer – Herakles

Q5- This animal is found in which continenent?

Answer – South America

Amazon Funzone Daily Quiz Answers Today- 27th July 2023

  1. Chief Minister of Telangana K Chandrasekhar Rao inaugurated whose 125 feet tall statue in April 2023?
    Answer – BR Ambedkar
  2. In 2023, who has broken the record of taking the most hat-tricks in T20 cricket?
    Answer – Rashid Khan
  3. Since May 2023, Lachhman Das Mittal is India’s _ billionaire.
    Answer – Oldest
  4. This bird is the mascot of which North American City’s baseball team?
    Answer – Toronto
  5. Where is the oldest operating brewery of this drink located?
    Answer – Germany 

Amazon Funzone Daily Quiz Answers Today- 22nd July 2023

  1. The walls and ceiling of the sanctum sanctorum of which temple have been given a new look with 550 gold layers?
    Answer – D. Kedarnath Temple
  2. Which actor plays the role of Avik San in the 2022 Hollywood film The Gray Man?
    Answer – A Dhanush
  3. The largest and most powerful optical telescope in space sent its first images back to Earth in 2022. What is it named?
    Answer – C. James Webb Space telescope
  4. This dessert was originated in which country?
    Answer – C. Austria
  5. Who was the first woman pilot of India?
    Answer – D. Sarla Thukral

Amazon Funzone Daily Quiz Answers Today- 17th July 2023

  1. Who is now UK’s first Indian first lady?
    Answer – Akshata Murty
  2. Rihanna made her long-awaited return to solo music with “Lift Me Up” for which film?
    Answer – Black Panther: Wakanda Forever
  3. Karthik Meiyappan from which country took the first hat-trick of the T20 World Cup 2022?
    Answer – UAE
  4. This structure was built by which dynasty of Roman Emperor?
    Answer – Flavian dynasty
  5. This temple in Hampi is built in devotion of which God?
    Answer – Shiva

Amazon Funzone Daily Quiz Answers Today- 8th July 2023

  1. Who among these has made 30 ODI centuries?
    Answer – Rohit Sharma
  2. The movie Pathaan is part of a ‘Spy Universe’ developed by which production house?
    Answer – Yashraj Films
  3. An island has been named after Param Vir Chakra awardee Captain Vikram Batra in which Union Territory?
    Answer – Andaman & Nicobar Islands
  4. This is a picture taken in the famous Times Square in which city?
    Answer – New York
  5. Name this famous monument
    Answer – Hawa Mahal

Amazon Funzone Daily Quiz Answers Today- 7th July 2023

Q1- Karolina Muchova , the losing finalist in the women’s singles at the French Open 2023, is from which country?
Answer 1 (B) – Czech Republic

Q2- Who is the male singer in the recent Bollywood remake of the iconic Coke Studio song ‘Pasoori’?
Answer 2 (B) – Arijit Singh

Q3- The famous fast food restaurant ‘Taco Bell’ was founded in which country?
Answer 3 (C) – USA

Q4- On which continent do these birds live in primarily?
Answer 4 (D) – Antarctica

Q5- This food is the staple food of which country?
Answer 5 (B) – Mexico

Amazon Funzone Daily Quiz Answers Today- 4th July 2023

  1. In 2023, Iga Swiatek won her _ French Open women’s singles title. Fill in the blanks
    Answer – 3rd
  2. In the movie ‘Selfiee’ what is the profession of the character played by Emraan Hashmi?
    Answer – Policeman
  3. The 72nd Miss Universe pageant would be held in 2023 in which country?
    Answer – El Salvador
  4. Which country contains the largest diversity of this reptile?
    Answer – Madagascar
  5. This famous chocolate museum is located in which country?
    Answer – Switzerland

Amazon Funzone Daily Quiz Answers Today- 2nd July 2023

  1. In the 2023 IPL, which batter won the Orange Cap?
    Answer – subhuman gill
  2. The movie ‘Bholaa’ stars which actor in the lead role?
    Answer – Ajay Devgan
  3. The flag of which of these countries is not rectangular in shape?
    Answer – Nepal
  4. This is the flag of which small country?
    Answer – Monaco
  5. This bird is considered auspicious during which Indian festival?
    Answer – Dussehra

Amazon Funzone Daily Quiz Answers Today- 29 June  2023

Question 1: Which actor who has played two Marvel superheroes was named People magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive? The answer is- Chris Evans

Question 2: Which race car driver won his second Formula One world championship after victory at the Japanese Grand Prix?

The answer is- Max Verstappen

Question 3: In 2022, who became the first woman president of the Indian Olympic Association?

The answer is- PT Usha

Question 4:Which famous Renaissance physicist experimented on this location?

The answer is- Galileo Galilei

Question 5:This church was built to commemorate the conquest of what by Russia?

The answer is- Kazan and Astrakhan

Amazon Funzone Daily Quiz Answers Today- 28 June  2023

Question 1. Princess Martha Louise is no longer officially representing which country’s royal family?

The answer is- Norway

Question 2. Which former chair of the US Federal Reserve was awarded a share of the 2022 Nobel Prize in economic sciences?

The answer is- Ben S Bernanke

Question 3. Which African country saw a second military coup in 2022?

The answer is- Burkina Faso

Question 4. These houses are specific to which northern country?

The answer is- Iceland

Question 5. The bones of which Christian saint are buried here?

The answer is- Saint Peter

Amazon Funzone Daily Quiz Answers Today- 27 June  2023

  1. In which country have 24 well-preserved bronze statues, dating back 2300 years, been excavated from a spa?

Answer – Italy

  1. After Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter, many users have jumped to which open-source alternative social app that started in 2016?

Answer – Mastodon

  1. Which science fiction movie is about the human colonization of a distant moon called Pandora?

Answer – Avatar

  1. In which US state did this movement start from?

Answer – Florida

  1. Which sultan began construction of this fortress?

Answer – Saladin

Amazon Funzone Daily Quiz Answers Today- 24 June  2023

  1. Which country has decided to rebuild the world’s largest-ever airplane, which was destroyed recently?
    Answer – Ukraine
  2. A massive explosion occurred near Beyoglu Square, a major nightlife and shopping district in which city?
    Answer – Istanbul
  3. Which singer became the first ever to fill all top 10 spots on the Billboard Hot 100 in the same week?
    Answer – Taylor Swift
  4. Which was the first recording studio in the world?
    Answer – New York Phonograph Company
  5. This bird spreads which flu?
    Answer – Avian Flu

Amazon Funzone Daily Quiz Answers Today- 23 June  2023

  1. In 2022, Salima Mukansanga became the first __ woman ever to referee at the men’s FIFA World Cup.

Answer – African

  1. Jeff Bezos awarded which singer the Courage and Civility Award along with $100 million?

Answer – Dolly Parton

  1. Morbi suspension bridge collapsed over which river in Gujarat?

Answer – Machchu

  1. Which place is considered the origin of this snack item?

Answer – Persia

  1. Who were the first people to play this sport?

Answer – French monks

Amazon Funzone Daily Quiz Answers Today- 22 June  2023

Question 1: What name meaning ‘super skilled player’ has been given to the 2022 FIFA Men’s World Cup mascot?


Question 2: Joe Biden and Xi Jinping had their first in-person meeting of Biden’s presidency in which country?


Question 3: New York City has agreed to pay $26 million to Muhammad Aziz for wrongful convictions for whose murder?

AnswerMalcolm X

Question 4: This animal symbolizes which god of Hinduism?


Question 5: What is the parent company of this biscuit brand?

AnswerMondelez International

Amazon Quiz Answers Today 30 September 2021– Win Rs.10,000

Question 1. In India, Akshay Urja Day is celebrated on 20th August to raise awareness about what?
Answer – Renewable resources of energy
Question 2. Nishad Kumar won a silver medal for India at the Tokyo Paralympics in which of these events?
Answer – Men’s high jump T47
Question 3. One of the upcoming Marvel movies to be released this year is Shang-Chi and the Legend of the _ Rings. Fill in the blanks
Answer – Ten
Question 4. This is a famous tourist spot located in which European country?
Answer – Greece
Question 5. Which of these is a space exploration firm owned by this gentleman?
Answer – Virgin Galactic

Amazon Quiz Answers Today 25 September 2021– Win Rs.30,000

Question 1. On 9th August 1945 the United States dropped a nuclear bomb on Nagasaki. What was the bomb called?
Answer – Fat Man
Question 2. Which WWE superstar plays the role of ‘Peacemaker’ in the 2021 movie ‘Suicide Squad’?
Answer – John Cena
Question 3. India was bowled out for 78 in the first innings of a Test match played at which venue in England in 2021?
Answer – Headingley
Question 4. Which Chinese Province is the largest of these statues located in?
Answer – Sichuan
Question 5. Which biological process do grapes undergo, in order to produce this type of alcohol?
Answer – Fermentation

Amazon Quiz Answers Today 22 September 2021– Win Rs.10,000

Question 1. ____________ day is celebrated in the UK on 1st August, in honour of UK’s largest county. Name it

Answer – Yorkshire

Question 2. Which actress born on August 5th, made her Bollywood debut in the film ‘Bekhudi’?

Answer – Kajol

Question 3. In which of these sports did India win its first medal at the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games?

Answer – Table Tennis

Question 4. Which of the following was India’s first “original” for this streaming platform?

Answer – Sacred Games

Question 5. Which pigment causes leaves to be of this colour?

Answer – Chlorophyll

Amazon Quiz Answers Today 21 September 2021– Win Rs.20000

1. Who is set to act in ‘The King’, a film about King Kamehameha who was the first ruler of the Kingdom of Hawaii?
Answer – Dwayne Johnson
2. The Ministry for the Future is a novel set in the near future which describes the disastrous consequences of what?
Answer – Climate change
3. She recorded the second-fastest 100 m by a woman in history by recording timing of 10.54 at the Prefontaine classic. Name her
Answer – Elaine Thompson-Herah
4. Which European country is famous for these flowers?
Answer – Netherlands
5. This famous entrepreneur was associated with the growth of which of these entities in the mid-late 80s and early 90s?
Answer – Pixar

Amazon Quiz Answers Today 18 September 2021– Win Rs.15000

Question 1. Which popstar lent her voice for the soundtrack for a promotional video for the US gymnastics team for Tokyo 2020?

Answer – Taylor Swift

Question 2. Who among these is most likely to use a ‘coronagraph’?

Answer – An astronomer

Question 3. According to the 2021 book ‘Mystery of the Parsee Lawyer’, who is said to have solved the real life case of George Edalji?

Answer – Arthur Conan Doyle

Question 4. Identify the bark-like spice from this picture

Answer – Cinnamon

Question 5. Which country’s flag is depicted here?

Answer – France

Amazon Quiz Answers Today 18 September 2021– Win Rs.50000

Question (i)– Who defeated the world’s No. 1 ranked men’s player Novak Djokovic in the semi-finals of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics?

Answer – Alexander Zverev

Question (ii)– What is the GI tagged Bhavani Jamakkalam, manufactured in Erode district, Tamil Nadu?

Answer – Carpets

Question (iii)– Whitney Wolfe Herd became a billionaire after her dating appraised over $2.2 billion in the initial IPO. What is the name of her app?

Answer – Bumble

Question (iv)– Which character from the animated movie series, “Ice Age” is obsessed with this tree-nut?

Answer – Scrat

Question (v)– In which city is the headquarters for this luxury fashion brand located?

Answer – Paris

Amazon Quiz Answers Today 29 August 2021 – Win Rs.10000

Question (i)– In which city is India’s first redeveloped railway station with a 5-star hotel located?

Answer – Gandhinagar

Question (ii)– Which social media platform announced shutting down the fleet feature, eight months after it was launched?

Answer – Twitter

Question (iii)– Which country recently legally declared itself as “The Nation-State of the Jewish People”?

Answer – Israel

Question (iv)– Which country defeated this nation, to win its first Olympic medal in hockey in 41 years at the Tokyo Olympics?

Answer – India

Question (v)– Which is the only species of this bird that is found north of the Equator?

Answer – Galapagos Penguin

Amazon Quiz Answers Today 18 August 2021 – Win Rs.5000

Question (i)– Valmiki National Park is the only national park in which the state of India?

Answer – Bihar

Question (ii)– In July 2021, the Department of Public Enterprises was shifted to which ministry?

Answer – Ministry of Finance

Question (iii)– Which reusable robotic space plane is scheduled by NASA to deliver cargo to the International Space Station in 2022?

Answer – Dream Chaser

Question (iv)– Which Indian city is this UNESCO World Heritage Site located in?

Answer – Agra

Question (v)– Which famous basketball player from this country recently became the MVP in the NBA finals?

Answer – Giannis Antetokounmpo

Amazon Quiz Answers Today 27 June 2021 – Win Rs.10000

Question 1- Project CLAP is a cleanliness drive launched by which state government?

Answer – Andhra Pradesh

Question 2- In May 2021, who won the Portuguese Grand Prix?

Answer – Lewis Hamilton

Question 3- On the occasion of the centenary of which famous Indian’s birth is ‘Another Dozen Stories’ being translated into English?

Answer – Satyajit Ray

Question 4- In which book of Shakespeare, is this herb mentioned as ‘for remembrance’?

Answer – Hamlet

Question 5- What colour is the cue ball in this game?

Answer – White


Amazon Quiz Answers Today 11 May 2021 – Win Huami Smartwatch

Question – Vinod Kapri’s compelling book ‘1232 km: The Long Journey Home’ tells the story of which of the following group of people?

Answer – Migrant labourers

Question – Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the Swarna Jayanti scholarship for the youths of which neighbouring nation?

Answer – Bangladesh

Question – Which of these festivals involve shifting idols from Odisha to Polluru village in Andhra Pradesh?

Answer – Manyamkonda Yatra

Question – Name the American company that this one partnered up with within 2019 to make candy flavoured coffee.

Answer – Dunkin’

Question – What kind of instrument is this?

Answer – String

Amazon Quiz Answers Today 10 May 2021 – Win₹15000

Question 1 – Which Indian state has released a commemorative postage stamp on 100 years of first visit of Mahatma Gandhi to the state in 1921?

Answer – Odisha

Question 2 – Novelist Sharankumar Limbale was awarded which of these prizes in 2021 for his novel ‘Sanatan’?

Answer – Saraswati Samman

Question 3 – Late Sultan Qaboos bin Said Al Said, who received the 2019 Gandhi Peace Prize, was the Sultan of which country?

Answer – Oman

Question 4 – This famous bar , belongs to which of these groups?

Answer – Mars

Question 5 – What is the name of the Taylor Swift song that has this object in the title?

Answer – Teardrops on my Guitar

Amazon Quiz Answers Today 8 May 2021 – Win Sound bar from Bose

Question – Which of these organisations is setting up space technology incubation centres in the NITs?

Answer – ISRO

Question – Punith G. R. from Mandya, Karnataka has recently entered the record books for creating a massive rangoli shaped as which automobile?

Answer – Mahindra Thar

Question – Who, an avid golfer since his retirement from international cricket, has been inducted into the board of Professional Golf Tour of India?

Answer – Kapil Dev

Question – In which country was the Sake flavoured variant of this chocolate launched?

Answer – Japan

Question – In an ironic twist, a person of what profession created this sweet sugary item?

Answer – Dentist

Amazon Quiz Answers Today 7 May 2021 – Win Rs.5000

Question – In 2021, who among these was awarded the Padma Vibhushan for “exceptional and distinguished service” in the field of public affairs?

Answer – Shinzo Abe

Question – Whose latest book ’India’s Power Elite’ is a study of the nature of power and elitism in postcolonial India?

Answer – Sanjaya Baru

Question – Which country is the world’s happiest country according to the World Happiness Report 2021?

Answer – Finland

Question – A group of this animal is called what?

Answer – Army

Question – Angela Lansbury voiced the character who was this object in what Disney movie?

Answer – Beauty and the Beast


Amazon Quiz Answers Today 6 May 2021 – Win Rs.10000

Question 1: As of 2021, Kangana Ranaut is the actress with the second-most National Awards, after whom?

Answer – Shabana Azmi

Question 2: Permanent Indus Commission is a bilateral commission to discuss water sharing between India and which other country?

Answer – Pakistan

Question 3: What title was used by UNCTAD for the recent update of their Trade and Development Report 2020?

Answer – Out of the frying pan … Into the fire?

Question 4: The tail of this animal helps with what during running?

Answer – Balance

Question 5: The second book printed in what language, translated from French, is about this game?

Answer – English

Amazon Quiz Answers Today 5 May 2021 – Win Rs.5000

Question 1: Who was given the Gandhi Peace Prize for the year 2020?

Answer – Sheikh Mujibur Rahman

Question 2: The Danish Red Cross has launched a ‘first-of-a-kind’ catastrophe bond for what kind of disasters?

Answer – Volcanic eruptions

Question 3: Which country recently launched one of the world’s biggest underwater neutrino telescopes called the Baikal-GVD?

Answer – Russia

Question 4: This object is associated with what zodiac sun sign?

Answer – Sagittarius

Question 5: How many freshwater ‘Great Lakes’ does the continent, where this country is situated have?

Answer – Five


Amazon Quiz Answers Today 26 April 2021 – Win 10000

Question 1: During Easter, confectioners in which country often make chocolate likenesses of the rabbit sized marsupial- the Bilby?

Answer – Australia

Question 2: Pandit Ravi Shankar was born on April 7th, in which city known as a pilgrimage spot?

Answer – Varanasi

Question 3: Amid COVID-19 concerns, which tournament usually the first Masters 1000 event of the ATP season was postponed?

Answer – Indian Wells

Question 4: Which is this animal, that one may encounter on the way to Mount Everest?

Answer – Yak

Question 5: This is a memorial dedicated to which great leader?

Answer – Martin Luther King Jnr

Amazon Quiz Answers Today 25 April 2021 – Win OnePlus 5G

Question – Light it up blue’ is an international campaign related to World _____ Awareness Day, observed by the UN on 2nd April. Fill in the blanks

answer – Autism

Question – The famous movie personality Prabhu Deva born on April 3rd, featured in which of these movies?

answer – All of these

Question – The name of which company, prominent in the world of telecom equipment was inspired by a slogan which meant ‘China has promised’?

answer – Huawei

Question – Alan Shepard is famous for playing this sport in which of these unique locations?

answer – The Moon

Question – This famous mountain which features in the title of an Ernest Hemmingway book is located in which continent?

answer – Africa



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