Buy Google Play Gift Cards from Paytm and Freecharge


Hi There, This is Yash and Welcome to BigTricks. Last month Google launched Carrier billing payment method In India, a process whereby paying for things on Google Play out of the monthly bill from your phone carrier, is a process that is getting infinitely more popular as time goes on. Paytm and Freecharge is now offering a slightly different thing on the concept, by allowing a user to buy or recharge Google Play credit through their Paytm or Freecharge account. In Paytm and Freecharge you can buy Gift card Minimum of Rs.100 and Maximum of Rs.1500 at a time.

How to Buy Google Play Gift Card From Paytm :-

1. Open Paytm App.

2. You’ll see a Recharge of Pay Bills Tab, Slide to Right.

3. You’ll see a Google Play Option.

4. Click on that and Enter the Amount of Gift Card You want to Receive.

5. You’ll your recharge code or gift card within minutes.

6. Plus If you enter this code You’ll receive 5% CashBack with Maximum CashBack is of Rs.75. Promo Code is : GOOGLEPLAY

How to Buy Google Play Gift Card from Freecharge :-

1. Open Freecharge App.

2. You’ll see a New Payment Menu.

3. From there Click on Google Play.

4. Enter the amount of Gift card you want to receive.

5. You’ll your recharge code or gift card within minutes.

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