Flipkart Smartpack – Get 100% Moneyback on Smartphone Purchase

Flipkart’s Smartpack Plan is released today where you can get 100% Money back on your Smartphone purchase from Flipkart. You can use your phone for 12 months or 18 months and when you feel bored then Sell it to Flipkart & Get 100% Moneyback, Now you might be wondering what this offer is? So In this post, I am going to explain the Flipkart Smartpack plan with details.

Flipkart Smartpack

In Flipkart Smartpack you need to pay a Full Fixed amount and a Monthly service cost of the plan, there are three plans available where you get different money backs Like there are three Plans, GOLD, SILVER, Bronze and the Price is given as below

Types of Plans available under the Program :

PlanReturn DeviceKeep Device or Device is non-returnableCost Of the Plan
Flipkart SmartPack Gold – 100% Moneyback100% Moneyback60% MoneybackRs.879 [ Check on Product Page]
Flipkart SmartPack Silver – 80% Moneyback80% Moneyback40% MoneybackRs.699[ Check on Product Page]
Flipkart SmartPack Bronze – 60% Moneyback60% Moneyback20% MoneybackRs.399[ Check on Product Page]

if you buy a Phone worth Rs.10,000 along with a SmartPack worth Rs.800 per month then you need to pay Rs.10,800 upfront and then pay Rs.800 per month for the tenure chosen by you. The important thing is you need to buy the Smartpack for only 2 tenures like 12 Months and 18 months So According to terms & Conditions, You need to pay Rs.800*12 = 9600 or Rs.800*18 = 14400

How To Purchase Flipkart Smartpack with Smartphone Purchase

1. First of all Click on Flipkart Smartpack Details page if you want to read more about it.

Device RangeLink To Buy
Under Rs.7000Buy Now
Rs.7000- Rs.10000Buy Now
Rs.10000-Rs.15000Buy Now
Rs.15000-Rs.17000Buy Now

2. Now Check the Applicable Phones and add to cart

3. Now You can see the smartpack option to add to cart, You can add it and Pay Extra First month fee along with the product.

4. Now Your Smartpack will be actuated on the IMEI of that device.

5. Now You have to pay Rs.800 or whatever the plan price is every month on due date, if you forgot to pay or missed the due date, you will be charged extra 100 Rs for it

6. If you don’t pay any installment then your Services will be terminated and You can’t get smartpack offer on your Smartphone

Flipkart Smartpack

7. During Return You have to return phone in Working condition for the Refund of Actual Payable Amount

Quick FAQs

Q1. Can I cancel the Smartback Plan?

Answer: No, You can’t, You can Stop Paying the Installments and Lose the Smartpack access.

Q2. Can I claim the Moneyback anytime?

Answer: No, You can Only Claim the Moneyback after 12months or 18 months

Q3. What happens if I stop paying or forget to pay for the SmartPack in between the tenure?

Answer: In case you stop paying for the SmartPack in between the tenure, you will lose access to the subscribed services and you will not be eligible for any money back on the Device. All benefits under the Program shall stand terminated with immediate effect.
In case you forget to pay for the SmartPack by the due date, we will send you a reminder to make the payment and will allow you to continue on the subscription by paying a late payment fee of Rs.100 within 19 days from the due date; your subscribed services will continue uninterrupted and your moneyback will not get impacted if you chose to make the full payment within the stipulated time.

Is Flipkart Smartpack Worth Buying ?

From my Point of view, it’s useless, Proper useless Because previously also I have seen We get More exchange Value than Moneyback or Buyback values and here You are also paying extra money every month if you forget then You need to pay Rs.100 extra or suspend it. Later You can not claim before 12 months or 18 months Milestone So it’s better if you don’t get this plan instead use Exchange Offers. So I would Suggest Not to Buy Flipkart Smartpack

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