[FREE] Bingo Chips Pack Offer: Get 100% Cashback with Every Bingo Potato Chips Pack

Bingo Chips are here with Blast offer where they are offering 100% cashback in bank account or vouchers with their ₹10 Potato chips pack, yes it’s 100% cashback offer which means You get Bingo chips free. You need more context, this offer is Similar to Galaxy Chocolates’ 100% Cashback Offer, Centerfresh Paytm Offer


How to Get ₹10 Cashback with Bingo Potato Chips

1. Buy a Bingo Potato Chips pack participating in the offer.

2. Scratch the code on the inside of the pack.

3. Now visit the following Bingo Redeem Page to Redeem your Code.

4. Fill the details.

5. You will receive a cashback amount of ₹10 in your bank account within 48 hours.

Terms & Conditions

Program Overview:

  • The ITC Bingo Potato Chips Consumer Programme is organized by ITC and conducted by Pine Labs Pvt Limited.
  • The offer applies to all variants of Bingo Potato Chips priced at Rs. 10 available in the market.
  • In case of conflicts, the terms mentioned in the program prevail.

Participation Requirements:

  • Participants must read and accept the complete terms and conditions available on the Program Website.
  • The Program is live from 01-Dec-2023 to 29-Feb-2024.
  • Participants need to purchase Bingo Potato Chips Promo Packs during the Program Period and find the unique code inside.
  • After purchasing, participants should scan the QR code on the pack and enter their details on the Program Website for validation.
  • Cashback options include Amazon Pay Cashback Code, PayTM cashback code, or UPI cashback.

Cashback Terms and Conditions:

  • Customers who purchase Bingo Potato Chips worth Rs. 10 are eligible for a cashback of Rs. 10.
  • Cashback options include Amazon Cashback code, PayTM Cashback code, or Bank Transfer.
  • Cashback can be claimed once per week per person, mobile number, Amazon Pay/PayTM/ UPI Account, and IP address, with a maximum of three times during the promo.
  • Cash amount credited within 72 Business Hours, excluding public holidays.
  • ITC/Amazon-pay/PayTM or The Partner Agency are not liable for abuse or misuse of the cash.

UPI Transfer Details:

  • In case of UPI transfer, participants must provide their correct UPI ID on the Program Website.
  • Incorrect UPI ID entries will not be reattempted.

Cashback Redemption and Modifications:

  • Once a choice of receipt of payment/mode of payment is selected, it cannot be modified.
  • Cashback cannot be redeemed or exchanged for another gift voucher/gift card.

Responsibility and Liability:

  • Participants are responsible for the safe custody of OTP, cash reward, and associated credentials.
  • ITC Ltd or Pine Labs is not liable for any unauthorized or fraudulent purchases made using the Cash reward.

Other Terms & Conditions:

  • The offer is for end consumers and not for distributors, retailers, sellers, their staff/families, employees of ITC Limited or its partner agencies.
  • Vouchers are non-transferable, not for sale, and have no monetary value.
  • Only valid, non-altered vouchers will be accepted.
  • ITC Limited or its partner agency is not responsible for loss or theft of vouchers.
  • Technical issues or malfunctions are not the responsibility of ITC Limited or its partner agency.

Promotional Period and Changes:

  • The Terms and Conditions of the offer can be changed during the promotional period by ITC Limited or The Partner Agency.
  • Any dispute is subject to the laws of India and the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in New Delhi.

Customer Support:

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