Google Pay Dharamshala Event Answers: Answers Correctly & Win Assured Cash

Hello Friends, As you know, Google Pay GO India Offer is Live. Now Today Dharamshala Event is Live Where You can Visit Dharamshala and Answer Few Questions to get the Rewards. You can Answer 5 Questions and we have added those below

How To Take Part in Google Pay dharamshala Event

1. First of All, Download Google Pay and Visit Google Pay Go India Event.

2. Now Just See, If you have dharmshala Ticket, If you don’t then just Colelct Dharamshala Tickets by using Methods to Collect Tickets & Kilometers

3. Now Open the Ticket & Follow Below Questions to Answer

4. The Answers Are Given Below

5. You will Get Rewards on Completion of Quiz | Questions order may be Changed so Take a Look in answers first

Google Pay Dharamshala Event Quiz Answers

  1. World cup how money overs format

Ans: 50&20

  1. When ur out for 1 st ball of innings

Ans: Golden duck

  1. Which is not a fielding point

Ans: Aisyle

4.which ball is never used in test

Ans: Yellow

  1. Highest score of india

Ans: 418

  1. In which year india recently won a world cup

Ans: 2011

  1. Common question regarding tkts

Ans: Never share ur pin

  1. Which team has won most world cups

Ans: Australia

  1. When a match ties in cricket further we will choose

Ans: Super over

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