Guide To Delete Facebook Account Permanently

Hi there. This is Aniket and Welcome to BigTricks.
Today, I am back with another tutorial. In this tutorial, I am gonna show how to delete facebook account permanently. Most of the users want to delete his/her id but they can only deactivate it from the Settings. After deactivation,the account will still be on facebook. So just follow me steps by steps if you want to delete your account.

Facebook Logo

Steps to Follow to Delete Facebook Account Permanently:-

  1. Fire up your browser and go to
  2. Now click on managing your account in categories.
  3. Now click on deactivating or deleting your account.
  4. Now click on “How do i permanently delete Facebook account “.
  5. Then click on Let us know.
  6. Click on delete my account in the next page.
  7. Now fill your password and do security check.
  8. Click on Ok.
  9. A message will appear saying that your account is now being deleted. It will be deleted within 14 days. If you log into your account in these 14 days, your account will not be deleted. Click on Ok.
  10. Your account will be permanently deleted within 14 days. Cheers!!
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