Hi, Guys,Getmyuni.com has introduced their new “ Campus Ambassador Program” for Reviews. There is a huge Loot here, you can earn up to Rs: 1,25,000 instant Bank Transfer just by Reviewing and referring your friends to review.This offer is Verified by me.You will get Rs.1000 for referring 50 friends to write reviews.Your Review Must be Genuine and Approved to Get Paytm Cash.For First 10 Referral, You and Your Friends both Get Paytm cash.

You must use below link to get this offer- Please Send Screenshots of Your Referral to Get Paid-If You have Any Query Comment Below


  1. For just Reviewing your College the User gets Rs. 20 instantly.
  2. For every 10 Referrals, the User gets Rs. 100
  3. And, all your Referrals (Friends) will get Rs. 10 each.


  1. For every 50 Referrals (Friends) the User gets Rs. 1,000.
  2. For every 250 Referrals (Friends) the User gets Rs. 3,500
  3. For every 620 Referrals (Friends) the User gets Rs. 9,000
  4. For every 1000 Referrals (Friends) the User gets Rs. 15,000
  5. For every 2500 Referrals (Friends) the User gets Rs. 45,000
  6. For every 5000 Referrals (Friends) the User gets Rs. 90,000
  7. For every 7000 Referrals (Friends) the User gets Rs. 1,25,000

Note: Everyone will be given the Reward according to their Achievement.

(Proof Added)Getmyuni : Review Your College and Get Rs.20 Paytm Cash+Refer And Earn Rs.1000 1

How To Get Paytm Cash For Writing Reviews:-

  1. First, the User has to visit the Official Website and Write a review. Offer Page
  2. Next, the User has to fill in the fields above with the required details.The User will be directed to the login page which is shown below:

(Proof Added)Getmyuni : Review Your College and Get Rs.20 Paytm Cash+Refer And Earn Rs.1000 2

  1. The User has to Log into Facebook, Google or LinkedIn.

Next, the User will be directed to the following Review Page:(Proof Added)Getmyuni : Review Your College and Get Rs.20 Paytm Cash+Refer And Earn Rs.1000 3

  1. Here, the User has to Review his/ her College or University with the required details.


  1. After the Review process the User must go back to the Home page and view his/ her Profile as shown below:(Proof Added)Getmyuni : Review Your College and Get Rs.20 Paytm Cash+Refer And Earn Rs.1000 4

On the Users Profile, Referral code and the Number of Referrals will be mentioned.

The example of the Referral Code is shown below:

  1. The User has to Share his/ her Referral Code to his/ her friends.

Whoever clicks on the Referral Code and gives a Review on Getmyuni website will show as 1 Referral on the Users Profile.(Proof Added)Getmyuni : Review Your College and Get Rs.20 Paytm Cash+Refer And Earn Rs.1000 5

How Much You Can Earn?:-


Payment Gateway:

  • All the Payments which is below Rs. 1000 will be made only through Paytm.
  • All the Payments which is above Rs. 1000 will be made through Bank Transfer.
  • After the Review process, each User will receive an Email mentioning:


There is No Direct Option to Redemption.You will receive an Approval email with Subject:-

Your Review has been Approved, mention your Paytm number to complete your payment.

  • The User has to mention his Paytm/ Account details and Reply to the same Email.
  • Within 24 hours the Payment will be completed.


(Proof Added)Getmyuni : Review Your College and Get Rs.20 Paytm Cash+Refer And Earn Rs.1000 6


This offer is exclusively valid for bigtricks.in subscribers, 

Paytm Cash Winners, Please mail us at support@bigtricks.in with Registered mail id mentioning your Paytm Number and Screenshot of Your Referrals if have.


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