UIDAI Suspended Airtel Payment Bank e-KYC Licence


Airtel Payment Bank e-KYC Suspended: Hello Guys Yesterday UIDAI has suspended Airtel’s Payment Bank Licence for misusing adhaar information.Airtel executives opened 23 lakh account, without customer permissions.They Got the adhaar details when customers visited to verify their Airtel SIM card.

Due to Opening of Airtel Payment Account, customers receiving their LPG subsidies and other subsidies in their Airtel Payment bank account.Customers complained about that without their permission their account has been opened and all default transaction is moved to Airtel’s Bank.

I also surprised when my Flipkart Affiliate Earning Credited in Airtel Payment Bank Account instead of my Bank account and I complained about this to Airtel Payment bank but they just ignore the main cause and Offered me free Rs.100 in Payment bank for that txn.

Now UIDAI took Strong Action against Airtel Payment bank and Restricted to opening New Bank accounts Using e-KYC.UIDAI temporary suspended the e-KYC Licence temporary until the next order.

In addition to this, Airtel Payments Bank will not be in the legal capacity to open a new account with Aadhaar e-KYC. However, accounts can be opened through ‘alternate methods’, if available

airtel 7591 150x150 - UIDAI Suspended Airtel Payment Bank e-KYC Licence

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