{Fully Tested} How To Unblock Any Block Website {2 Methods} {100% Verified}

Hi Guys Welcome back again to BigTricks.. Many of you are facing the issue of Block Website.. Like Torrent is Blocked in India.. As well as in Schools and Colleges various Social Media Websites are Blocked nearly. So by following this Trick You can Easily Unblock any Website even Torrent. Their are two tricks.. First one via android and second via both pc and android. Now let we start that how to unblock block websites ..

unblock block websites

Method 1.    Using Android Devices

  1.  Install Rocket VPN app from HERE.
  2. Open the app & Select any destination (Default USA)
  3. Now click on connect & it will start connect you to the USA Server.
  4. Done..!! Now use all block website…. Even Torrent

How This App Works:- This app simply connect you to the server of selected country(Ex-USA). Ex-In India’s Server Torrent is blocked. So this app connects you to the server of selected country. And you know Torrent is not blocked in USA. And when you try to open any block website (ex- torrent) it opens that website normally because you are know connected to USA Server and their torrent is unblocked..

Method 2. Using Google Translate Method

  1. Just open your any Browser.
  2. Now Click on URL or Address Bar.
  3. Type –https://translate.google.com/translate?sl=ja&tl=en&u=website.com
  4. In place of Website just type the name of website which do you want to unblock.. Ex- https://translate.google.com/translate?sl=ja&tl=en&u=torrentz.eu
  5. And Hit Enter.
  6. That’s all you have successfully unblock block websites ..

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