Groww App:- Hi there. Welcome to BigTricks. Hope you guys are enjoying our previous offers and deals. We are back with a new offer. This is kind of same like Google Duo scratch card offer. Groww app is giving scratch cards for inviting your friends.

[WORKING]Groww App :- Refer Your Friends and Get Upto Rs. 1000 Per Refer 1

Investing in mutual funds is now simple and free. No paperwork, no hassles. Invest in the best mutual funds using Groww. All mutual funds are available in one investment app. And the best part – invest in direct mutual funds with zero commission for free. Switch your regular investments to direct. It’s really simple to use this app. Even beginners can start investing with no problem at all. As a promotional offer, they are offering Scratch Cards.

You can win upto Rs. 1000 from a single scratch card. Your friend needs to do signup and complete their Groww investment account. They changed conditions. 1 in 200 people can get rs. 1000. And Rs. 10 is guaranteed. Pan Card is required for completing Groww investment account. You’ll get money in your bank account. So, what are you waiting for? Download this app and loot this offer.

Note:- Pancard Is Must To Complete Account

How To Refer and Earn Upto Rs. 1000 From Groww App:-

  1. First of all, download and install Download Groww App From Here or app Here’s Another Link.
  2. Open the app and click on Signup.
  3. Enter details asked like name, number, email, etc. Verify your number using OTP.
  4. Now, enter your PAN number and click on next.
  5. Add your bank account and other details.(IFSC&Account Number) Fill all the Details and Finally Sign on Mobile Screen to Get Your Account Complete.
  6. [WORKING]Groww App :- Refer Your Friends and Get Upto Rs. 1000 Per Refer 2
  7. From the dashboard, click on You tab >> Invite and Earn.
  8. Share your link with your friends and family and tell them to download this app and complete their Groww account.
  9. After they complete their account, you’ll get a scratch card. Scratch it to find how much you got. Rs. 10 is confirmed. 1 in 200 people will Rs. 1000.[WORKING]Groww App :- Refer Your Friends and Get Upto Rs. 1000 Per Refer 3

Terms And Conditions :-

1.The Referral Partner shall refer only the prospective investors and not solicit anyone to invest in mutual funds or through the Company.

2.The Referral Partner shall register and fill his/her personal details in the requisite registration form and all the details entered shall be true to his/her knowledge and belief.

3. For each referral, the Referral Partner shall be remunerated as described in the offer.

4. The Referral Partner shall not rebate or commission back to the prospective investor and abstain from attracting investors through the temptation of rebate/gifts etc.

5. The Company reserves the right to exercise due diligence on the Referral Partners and have a check on the mode of getting an investor.

6. The Company reserves the right to delist or reject the Referral Partner’s referral and/or honour the obligation of paying remuneration for any reason, as the Company may deem fit, including for the reason of breach of the terms and conditions herein.

7. The Referral Partners shall not solicit or give any financial advice to the prospective investor and ensure a high standard of integrity, dignity, fairness, ethics, and professionalism while referring the prospective investors to the Company.

8. By referring investors or being a part of the referral program, the Referral Partner shall not become employee/agent/associate/representative of the Company and the Referral Partners shall refer prospective investors in his/her own individual capacity.

9. The Company shall not be liable or responsible to the Referral Partner or the prospective investor referred to by the Referral Partner for any loss or damage that may cause to the Referral Partners or the said prospective investor for/while making the investments in mutual funds by the prospective investor.

10. The Referral Partners agrees and acknowledges that Mutual Fund investments are subject to market risks and the prospective investors are obligated to read all scheme-related documents carefully. The Referral Partner shall, therefore, not advice on the mutual fund investments at all while referring the prospective investors. The Company disclaims all its liabilities for any loss or damage caused to the prospective investor or the Referral Partners based on his/her advice/act/representation or omissions.

11. The Referral Partner shall indemnify the Company for any loss or damage that may cause to the Company or any of its directors, associates, employees, shareholders or personnel due to the breach of the terms and conditions contained herein.

12. The Referral Partner shall not resort to unfair means for inducing prospective investors to invest in mutual fund or to refer it to the Company, and shall not at any time act in collusion with other intermediaries to induce the investors as such.

13. The Referral Partner shall disclose his/her personal interest to the prospective investor in the program before referring it to the Company.

14. The Referral Partner shall not disclose the confidential information of the prospective investor or the Company to anyone. For the purposes of these terms and conditions, confidential information shall include personal information and the investment plan of the prospective investors.

15. All the trademarks, copyrights and other intellectual property of the Company remains with the Company only and the Referral Partner shall not be entitled to use them unless prior written approval is taken for the same.

16. The Referral Partner shall not indulge in any activity other than mentioned herein with respect to the Company and the prospective investor.

17. No rewards shall be given to the Referral Partner if the registering user’s PAN is found to be already registered on Groww.

18. The Referral Partner cannot refer himself/herself.

19. By participating in this referral program, the Referral Partner agrees to the all the Terms and Conditions mentioned above.

20. The referral program shall commence from the 17th of October, 2018.

21. The referral program shall be valid only for sign-ups, account creations, and investments made using the Groww app.



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