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Disable International Transactions on Debit / Credit Cards

Hello Everyone, Recently Mobikwik Data was leaked on the dark web and around 90 Million People’s data is now available on the Dark web. Personally checked there is almost every detail of registered mobile number on the site. Mobikwik is yet not accepting the data breach. This is the biggest data breach even after Zomato’s data breach and it has more sensitive data including your selfie and locations. Delete your Card Details From Various AppsDisable

So in this article, we are sharing steps to disable international transactions from your debit card and credit card so that your card does not get charged for online transactions. Also, Check Onecard Free Metal Card Offer

Why You Should Disable International Transactions on Your Card?

When your card details get leaked, It has details like Card Number, Expiry Date and Some times CVV and these 3 things are enough to charge your account unlike in India there is another layer of security to enter OTP or 3D Secure Password. Even if some websites claim that they do not save CVV numbers, You don’t know they might be saving it.

even if the CVV is not leaked it’s a 3 digit Pin which can be easily captured by Hackers By bruit force attached where they try to post numbers from 0 to 999 as the CVV always have 3 digits and possible combinations are only 999.

So follow the below steps to remove your card details from various apps and follow steps to disable international transactions.

How to Disable International transactions on Your HDFC Debit or Credit Cards

To disable Domestic or International transaction on your HDFC Bank Credit or Debit card, You must have a Netbanking or Mobile app Login. I am assuming you have Netbanking activated. Let’s follow the below steps to disable it.

1. First of all Login to Your Netbanking Portal

HDFC Netbanking

2. Now Click on the cards tab and Click on Debit card if you want to block the debit card or Credit card if you want to block the credit card. Disable

3. Choose the Card that you want to manage


3. You can see here one Tab name “Request”, Now Click on it. Disable

4. The last option is for Set card Limits Disable

5. Click on it and you can see the option to manage the card limits for various options like Domestic, International, Outlets and ATM WithdrawalDisable

6. Now click on the off button or set a low limit for all the needful options. Disable

7. If you don’t do International transactions then it’s a good habit to keep it off

How to Disable International transactions on Your ICICI Debit or Credit Cards

You can Disable International transactions or modify Domestic transactions using Mobile App or Icici net banking. You can simply manage your card and either off or set the limit for each transaction or daily limit.

1. First of all Download iMobile App or Icici net banking Disable

2. You can now click on the card.

3. Now click on the manage Card tab and enable or disable selected transactions.

4. You can Enable Transactions anytime

How to Disable International transactions on Your SBI Debit or Credit Cards

If you have an SBI Credit card or Debit card then follow the below guide to disable online transactions or International transactions from your card. You can also check steps to get an Online SBI Card for free

1. First of all Download the SBI Card App

2. Now Click on manage card usage.

3. Now from here you can check the limits for your card. Disable

4. You can now click on options for various transactions to enable or disable or set the limit.

5. Now Off on Domestic or international transactions. Disable

6. Enter OTP and submit for confirmation.Disable

7. Now, Your card usage will be updated.



How to Disable International transactions on Your KOTAK Debit or Credit Cards

How to Disable International transactions on Your Other Bank’s Debit or Credit Cards


In Digital World Your data is not safe on the Internet so It’s a good habit to keep your International and Domestic transactions off or set a limit for transactions. If your Bank procedure is not on the list please comment below and we will add that.

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