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Jio Tata Quiz Answers 

Jio Quiz Answers, Answer Jio Quiz & Win 1 GB Data Daily – Hello Friends, I hope You are enjoying the Offers on Bigtricks. I am Sharing One More Jio Offer here. You can Win Free 1 GB data By Just Answering Simple 10 Questions Of Which We have Added Answers too.

The Offer is From Tata & Jio Where You Win Prizes Like byju’s Subscription, Jio Free Data & many other offers. The Offer is Similar to Jio Cadbury Free Data Offer. You can Play Quiz Daily on myJio App & Get Free 100 Points. Daily You will Get a Chance to Answer Quiz

Additional Tip – You can Simply Open Google Mic & Ask Your Questions From Google 

How To Get Free 1 GB Data From MyJio App Quiz –

1. First of All Download MyJio App or Update it

Download My Jio App

2. Now Open You MyJio App & Click on Banner.If You Don’t Find Banner then Click Here


3. Here You Will see Tata Jio Quiz Offer Banner. Click on

4. Now Just Click on the Banner & You will be asked to Enter the Name & Your Age.

5. Put Your Age & Name here. Choose Age 5-12 years.

6. Now You will get 10 Quiz Questions.

7. Answer Each One By One. jio

8. On the Last Question. You will be enrolled for Free 1 GB Data & Chance to Win Free 1 GB Data. jio

9. You can Win Free 1 GB Data Upon Completion Of Quiz.You can Check Winnings After 24 Hours


10. Answers Posted below. These Answers May Be Different From Quiz

Jio Tata Quiz Answers :

Jio IQL Quiz Answers 06/03/2020

Q1.The Ministry of Youth awards the Arjuna Award as a recognition of excellence in which field?

Ans- Sports

Q2.Which Maharashtrian sweet dish made of steamed rice flour and coconut was beloved by Lord Ganesha?

Ans – Modak

Q3. Badminton was developed by British Army officials stationed in which Indian City thus naming the game so in it’s initial day?

Ans – Pune

Q4.In the 2018 biopic Sanju, who plays the character of Sanjay Dutt ?

Ans- Ranbeer Kapoor

Q5.which Indian state has the longest coastline spinning up to 1600 kilometer

Ans- Gujrat

Q6.Which of the following is the National vegetable of India?

Ans- Pumpkin

Q7.Which state formed in 2014

Ans- Telangana

Q8.What scarf form of clothing gets its name from the Sanskrit words for ‘double’ and ‘stripes’?

Ans – Duppata

Q9.Which team sport involving seven players on each side has ‘raiders’ and ‘defenders’?

Ans- Kabaddi

Q10. geographical which of the following South is Union Territory of India

Ans- Andman & Nikobar

Set 2 Questions Answers –

1. Nepal
2. Madhya Pradesh
3. Haridwar
4. Indian ocean
5. Falooda
6. Kolhapuri Chappal
7. Todarmal
8. Humayun
9. Robert clive
10. Pamban bridge

Jio IQL Quiz Answers 05/03/2020 –

1. 12
2. Bhupen Hazarika
3. India winning the 2011 cricket world cup
4. Balushahi
5. 1971
6. Ravish Kumar
7. Duleep trophy
8. Operation Blue Star
9. Rudyard Kipling
10. Krishna

One Set of Quiz [ Questions May Be Different For Hindi & English]

If Answers & Questions Does Not match then Simply Open Google Mic & Search on Google By Speaking Questions.

1. Sandalwood
2. One Rupee
3. Milkha Singh
4. Sardar Patel Stadium
5. Amartya Sen
6. 245
7. Vikramaditya
8. Aurangabad
9. Meghalaya
10. Tata Airlines

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