Zingoy Phone Trick – Hey Guys, Zingoy Phonepe Wallet Cash Trick is Here. You can Convert Your Phonepe Wallet Cash to Paytm Cash By Using This Trick in Simple ways You gonna Buy Paytm Cash Vouchers Using Your Phonepe wallet Balance.

We have Uploaded video If You have Any Doubt. Please Watch it For More Explanation. There is limited Stock of Paytm Cash Vouchers so Please Hurry & Get This Trick before it Gets expired.

How to Convert Phonepe Wallet Cash to Paytm:-

  1. Visit Zingoy Website from here – Visit Zingoy
  2. Now Search for Paytm GV.
  3. Add Paytm Voucher of Amount You want to Convert.
  4. Now Go to Payment Page & Select Payment as UPI.
  5. Enter Your Phonepe or any other UPI.
  6. When You Get Notification in Your App, discard & Cancel The Transaction.
  7. Now on PayUGateway, You will Get Phonepe Option in Wallet Sections.
  8. Pay Using Phone & This time You can Use Your Phonepe Wallet Cash.
  9. Additionally, You will Get 10 Rs on Your First Transaction with Phonepe



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