Unblock Paytm Account : hey, is Your account blocked by paytm ? , Do you had money in it ? ,You want to unblock it ?, No Problem here is the solution.If Your Account Is Blocked By Paytm Then You May Get an error On Loging like “Your Account Is Temporary Blocked “Today i gonna to share how to unblock your Paytm account . Your paytm account may be blocked due to many reasons :

(Working) How To Unblock Blocked Paytm Account : Full Guide 1

Reasons Of Blocking Paytm account :-

  • Using Multiple Account In Same or One Device .
  • Using Same Debit or Credit Card In Multiple Account .
  • adding or Trying to add money Using Scripts .
  • Using Carding that is illegal may cause in blocking Your account.

Any of the  Above May be reason for your account blocking by paytm . You can Follow Below Steps To Unblock your paytm Account easily . In case You don’t have money in blocked account i’ll recommend you to Create a New Paytm account with different Number and email id.

Steps To Unblock Your Paytm Account :-

  • You Must know your email ID for this Processor .
  • Login To Your Email Account And Compose a Mail .
  • Address it to Care@paytm.com.
  • Subject Line Should be “Request To Unblock Paytm Account“.
  • Type In the Mesege if You Pobably know the Reason for the same .
  • Provide Email id and Mobile Numer for the account .
  • Remember To Attach Your Bank Statement From Which you add Money To Paytm Account .
  • Attach Any ID Proof For Faster Processor .
  • Done, Send It , Within 2-7 Days You will Get Reply from them If your Account is unbloked or they required some more information .

Note :If You Do Not Get Reply from them within 1 Month then its better to create a new account .


  How To Unblock Paytm Account





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