(Updated) How To Unblock/ Unfreeze Blocked Paytm Account or PayTM Payment Bank – Full Guide

PayTM Account Blocked/ PayTM Account Freeze/ You are Not Allowed to Perform This Transaction Error Solution

Hello Friends, Recently Many People Contacted me Saying there PayTM Account is either blocked or PayTM Savings Account is Freezed. A week later My Account was Also Blocked & my savings Account was Freezed. I had Rs.5500 in my PayTM Account & Rs.900 in PayTM Payment Bank.The Reason Was Kyc Partners were doing KYC of Two Accounts Using Two Documents Like Adhaar and Driving Licence Without telling consequences. 

Blocked Paytm

Later After Following below Procedure, I finally Unblocked the PayTM account & Got my Money back. I will share the Complete Guide here. So Read this Blog Completly

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Unblock Paytm Account: hey, is Your account blocked by paytm? , Do you had money in it? , You want to unblock it ?, No Problem here is the solution. If Your Account Is Blocked By Paytm Then You May Get an error On Logging like “Your Account Is Temporary Blocked or You are not allowed to perform this transaction or your Account is Freezed. “Today I gonna share how to unblock your Paytm account. Your paytm account may be blocked due to many reasons :

Blocked Paytm

Reasons For PayTM Account Block:-

  • Using Two PayTM Account With One Person’s KYC[More]Blocked Paytm
  • Using Two PayTM Payment Bank Account With Another Document of the Same Person[More]
  • Using Multiple Account In Same or One Device.[Less]
  • Using the Same Debit or Credit Card In Multiple Accounts.[Less]
  • adding or Trying to add money Using Scripts.[More]

Any of the  Above Maybe reason for your account blocking by paytm. You can Follow Below Steps To Unblock your paytm Account easily. In case You don’t have money in the blocked account I’ll recommend you to Create a New Paytm account with different Numbers and email id. As Per RBI Law, One Person can have only one Account From one ID.So they are Filtering Accounts & Freezing them

How To Unblock PayTM Payment Bank or PayTM Account

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1. First of All, Check the Reason from Above List & Get To Know What is The Reason for Your Account block. If you can’t identify then Visit 24X7 help Menu From PayTM AppBlocked Paytm

2. Now Here You need to Choose Unable to Login >> PayTM Account Blocked.

3. If Your savings account is Blocked, Then Just Open Gmail and Write the mail to [email protected] use PayTM’s 24X7 Help Menu And Choose PayMent bank Freeze

4. Now Write Your Query As Shown in the below Screenshot. If you need help. Please Comment & We will help you out.

Blocked Paytm

5. The Team will Tell you the reason & they may Call to understand better

Blocked Paytm

6. If you have 2 Kyc with the Same Person Then you have to close one account. Wit KyC Docs. Blocked Paytm

7. Once Your account is activated You can again create a new PayTM Account From the Same Number with a Different KYC or Transfer another PayTm Account to The same number.

8. It took 30 Days to unblock My Account at this period All the Cashback You get will be reversed so Make sue You update your payTM Number in Refer & earn Apps.

9. Once your account is activated. You can continue to use it like before.Blocked Paytm

Note – You need to Submit a Photo Of Documents Submitted While Doing KYC.

Is your Money Safe When Account Freezes?


How To Unblock PayTM Payment Bank or PayTM Account

  • You Must know your email ID for this Procesor.
  • Login To Your Email Account And Compose a Mail.
  • Address it to [email protected].
  • Subject Line Should be “Request To Unblock Paytm Account“.
  • Type In the Message if You Probably know the Reason for the same.
  • Provide Email id and Mobile Numer for the account.
  • Remember To Attach Your Bank Statement From Which you add Money To your Paytm Account.
  • Attach Any ID Proof For Faster Processor.
  • Done, Send It, Within 2-7 Days You Will Get Reply from them If your Account is unblocked or they required some more information.


  • Open your PayTM App
  • Click on Login issues
  • send in App mail to PayTM Team mentioning your issue
  • You need to write the details
  • You will get the revert as well as a call from the payTM backend team and they will explain next steps

Note: If You Do Not Get a Reply from them within 1 Month then its better to create a new account.



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