Binance Learn & Earn Quiz : Free $11 For All users

Hello Folks, Binance Learn & Earn Quiz is Live, They are offering a flat 10$ for every user, You just need to answer a few questions and this offer is for all Binance users, If you are not a finance user, You can create an account on Binance and avail this offer. You can also Checkout Coinswitch Refer and Earn Which gives you Rs.100 on Signup


There are multiple quizzes available, you can take part in all the quizzes, if you answer wrong, you can correct that, We will also add the answers to the Quizzes Below. You can check when we update.

How To Play Binance Learn & Earn Quiz and Earn Cryptocurrencies

1. First of all click on the below link to signup on to Binance if you are a new user.

2. Now click on the Learn & Earn Banner.


3. Take any Quiz and read the infographics.


4. Now click on the start quiz button and complete the Quiz.


5. You will get prompts for the quizzes one by one.

6. Keep answering the quiz and keep checking your progress, If you answer correct, You get the rewards.


7. You answered wrong, No worries, You can take the quiz again and correct that

8. You will earn instant crypto currencies in your wallet.

Quiz Answers

QTUM Answers

  1. You can purchase QTUM on binance by:
    All of the above
  2. Holding QTUM allows you to vote on proposal. True or false?
  3. When did the QTUM mainnet launch?
    September 2017
  4. Block rewards are split betweet:
    Ten Super Staker
  5. QTUM holders can delegate their UTXOs behind Staker Stakers thrugh
    Offline staking
  6. Qtum’s account abstaction layer ia designed to:
    Combine UTXO accounting with smart contract capabilities
  7. When delegate QTUM behind a super Staker, a user must:
    Provide their wallet address to a super Staker
  8. QTUM combines
    UTXO accounting
    Smart Contract capabilities

COTI Quiz Answers

  1. Select is the network(s) in which COTI operates:
    All are correct
  2. How does COTI keep ITS transaction fees low?
    All are correct
  3. What does COTI MultiDAG enable?
    The ussuance of tokens on top of the trustchain protocol
  4. The treasure distrubutes reward to COTI holders based on fees collected from:
    All of COTI’s product, including treasury, COTI pay bussines, Djed, and more
  5. Which type of consensus algorithm is used on the COTI network?
    PoT (proff of trust)How can i earn rewards from the COTI ecosystem?
  6. Deposit native COTI into the Treasury
  7. COTI ia powering Djed, which is___ first algorithmic stablecoin
  8. What is COTI?
    A layer-1 blockchain Ecosystem designed for payments

Binance Polkastarter Quiz Answers
Q1. What is Polkastarter?

Answer: Polkastarter is a decentralized crowdfunding platform and leading IDO launchpad.

Q2. Polkastarter was founded in 2020, by Daniel Stockhaus, Tiago Martins, and Miguel Leite.

Answer: True

Q3. Polkastarter aims to become multichain. Which chains does the launchpad support?

Answer: Polkastarter currently supports Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, Celo, and Avalanche.

Q4. What are Polkastarter’s key features?

Answer: Fixed Swap Pools, IDO farming and Polkastarter gaming

Q5. POLS is the Polkastarter utility token. Holding or staking POLS allows users to enter IDO’s and NFT sales with higher chances of success. True or false?

Answer: True

Q6. What are the requirements to participate in an IDO on Polkastarter?

Answer: Users must hold or stake 250 POLS or more, pass KYC, and be allowlisted.

Harmony Quiz Answers

  1. Why should tokens have a finite supply?
    To avoid inflation and incentivize token appreciation
  2. What consents mechanism does harmony use?
    Effective proof of stake
  3. Which technologies does harmony implement to achieve scalability without sacrificing security?
    Sharding and effective proof of stake
  4. What is harmony yearly network reward to validators?
    441 million tokens
  5. Which of these DAOs have been funded by Harmony?
    All are correct
  6. What’s makes up the yearly reward for harmony?
    Issuance + transaction fees
  7. Harmony has created bridges for which chains?
    All are correct
  8. How much Grant Will harmony provide to new projects through the harmony Ecosystem fund?
    $300 Million
  9. How many DAOs does Harmony aim to find in the future?

Binance Terra (LUNA) Quiz Answers Today

Q1. What US dollar amount of LUNA can you convert one TerraUSD into?
Answer: $1

Q2. Terra stablecoins are overcollateralized. True or false?
Answer: False

Q3. Which of the following fiat currencies have stablecoin versions on Terra?
Answer: All of the above

Q4. Where can you stake LUNA to take part in Terra governance?
Answer: Terra Station

Q5. For its consensus mechanism, Terra uses:
Answer: Delegated Proof of Stake

Q6. Terra is based in Mongolia. True or false?
Answer: False

Q7. Anchor Protocol allows users to borrow crypto through:
Answer: Over-collateralization

Q8. You can earn ANC on Anchor Protocol by:
Answer: Staking certain LP Tokens, Staking ANC, Borrowing stablecoins

Q9. Terra was created using:
Answer: Cosmos SDK

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