Want a Thriving Side Hustle? How to Earn Money by Referring Friends to Financial Products.

Hello Friends, You might have seen a lot of places where some people ask you to apply for this credit card that credit card, You want to know how and Why? Or do You want to earn money by referring your friends to some credit cards or Demat accounts?


In this blog, we are gonna share with you how you can refer your friends or family or even start a small business where you can sell credit cards or any other financial products and earn money.

You can read about our latest guide on how to earn money with Gromo or Zet app by selling credit cards.

Some affiliate websites provide handsome cashback when you refer your friends for specific cards from banks. these websites are

  • Earnkaro
  • Extrape
  • Zet
  • Gromo
  • BankSathi

We know more about each of the websites in detail. For you know, When you refer friends for credit cards or any financial products. you can earn upto Rs.3000 per credit card for example if you refer friends to SBM Magnet card you will earn a fixed amount as well as a recurring amount on every transaction done by the customer. Let’s read more about each affiliate website

1. Earnkaro


Earnkaro, a sub-product of the popular cashback platform Cashkaro, offers higher commission rates on a wider range of financial products than its competitors. You can easily find and generate affiliate links for numerous online stores, allowing you to earn more from your online sales. Earnkaro is known for its industry-leading speed, typically paying out commissions promptly after card delivery or completion of the required action.

2. Zet App


Zet app focuses solely on financial products, offering a comprehensive selection of credit cards, demat accounts, and loan products. Easily promote these products to friends, family, or customers, and build a thriving side hustle with monthly income potential. Zet app boasts industry-leading commission rates and provides users with personalized eligibility lists, maximizing your sales and earning potential. Read more about Zet app’s advantages in a dedicated post.

3. Gromo


Gromo is similar to the Zet app but it has more variety of products that you can sell, They provide products like Demat accounts, UPI accounts, Loan products, Credit cards, and lot more. Gromo also has various offers running from time to time that you can avail of and earn some extra amount. You can even sell Insurance with Gromo. The Gromo team educates you before sharing product links and that helps to understand it more. You can read more about Gromo, If you use the Gromo referral code, You earn extra cashback on first sale.

4. ExtraPe


ExtraPe, a subsidiary of Paisawapas, provides a diverse range of financial products alongside top retailers like Flipkart, Myntra, and leading brands. Experience real-time product tracking and enjoy exceptional customer support from the Paisawapas team. As a long-time user since launch, I can attest to ExtraPe’s reliability and ease of use.

5. BankSathi


Banksathi is an app that offers various financial products like Zet or Gromo but Bank sathi usually has less payout for the same products that other apps are selling, I would recommend to use Banksathi app if you do not find the product that you are selling in the above platforms, Although their UI and the live tracking of the customer’s process is awesome.

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