Google Pay Cricket Fest Offer: Collect Superfans & Earn Upto ₹151 Cashback

Google Pay Cricket Fest Offer | Upto ₹151 Cashback

Google Pay Cricket Fest Offer: Hey Cricket Fans, We are back with yet another Offer from Gpay, Gpay is offering Upto ₹151 Cashback for collecting Superfans and if You collect 200 Superfans, you earn a scratch card up to Rs.151. You can also share Your Link here and start exchanging the Superfans Just like Google Pay Rangoli Offer

Google Pay Cricket Fest

If You remember Google Pay also Came up with the Gpay Tez Shot offer where they offered quite a good amount of cashback if you want to keep getting such offers join us on Telegram as IPL 2024 is coming so a lot of offers & deals are too.

Google Pay Cricket Offer: How to Collect Superfans & Earn Upto ₹151 Cashback

1. First of all click on the below link to visit the official page of the Gpay Superfan Offer

2. Now click on Start Button and You will get up to 10 superfans on just starting the game. It’s giving Rs.51 on signup also

Google Pay Cricket Fest

3. Now keep collecting the cards by exchanging them with friends or completing various payment tasks

Google Pay Cricket Fest

4. You Can use our comment section to exchange links with others or join our telegram channel to comment on your links there

5. Once you reach 200 superfan collection, you will earn up to Rs.151 Cashback Scratch Card

Google Pay Cricket Fest

6. The scratch is usually given from Rs.51 to 100

Google Pay Cricket Fest

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Join Our telegram channel and share your links and complete this offer as soon as possible.

Some Key Points of Google Pay Cricket Fest

  • Gather your Superfan Crew: The core concept revolves around collecting “Superfans” for your team. You can invite friends to join the Cricket Fest through Google Pay. Once they accept, they’ll contribute to your Superfan count.
  • Team Up for More! There’s no limit to the number of friends you can invite. However, each friend can only contribute to your Superfan count once during the entire campaign period.
  • Daily Limit Applies: While you can enlist your entire friend circle, there’s a cap on how many friends you can invite to help you gather Superfans each day. The limit is set at 7 friends per day.
  • The Cashback Race: The ultimate goal is to collect a total of 200 Superfans by March 26th, 2024. Once you achieve this target, you’ll be eligible to receive cashback.
  • The Cashback Surprise: The exact amount of cashback you receive can vary between ₹10 and ₹151. Google Pay uses an algorithm to determine the final reward, considering factors like the total cashback already distributed and the time you earned it.

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