How to Save Money on Dating Sites

Everyone wants to find a partner without making too many efforts and certainly without spending a lot of money. You never know who will turn out to be your soul mate, and who will be just a passerby or a gold digger. In contrast to, many dating sites have a poor protection system, putting their users in danger. So, on the one hand, you should keep an eye out and try to save money, but on the other hand, you should enjoy communicating with charming strangers and not look like a legendary cheapskate, showing excessive frugality at the worst possible time. So, how to save money on dating sites and not look weird?

  1. Try to keep a clear head

The majority of people who use dating sites or apps don’t face any serious challenges, but you should remember that safety of your money, as well as private information, is your area of responsibility. You decide to register on a dating site and communicate with strangers, so don’t lose your head. You should NEVER do the following things if you want to save your money and nerves.

  • Share private information with little-known people.
  • Be lazy to read the terms of use before registration.
  • Lower your guard if you use a paid site.
  • Forget about skillful scammers.
  • Ignore your gut.

Nobody argues that dating sites save your time and help achieve the desired result much faster, but they will become a great helper only if you use them with a clear head.

  1. Create an effective profile

Many people believe that if they pay for a premium account, they automatically become more popular and attractive to others. However, it’s not so. You can constantly buy a premium account, just wasting your money if you don’t make your profile unique. How to do everything right?

  • Highlight who you are searching for.
  • Upload at least three relevant photos of good quality in which you are alone. Never use company pictures.
  • Watch your language and grammar. It’s very important for smart people.
  • Write something special about yourself. It may be about your hobby or some feature. Interesting hobbies always help stand out and draw attention.
  • Don’t use quotes and clichés. It’s annoying.

Remember that an interesting and good-looking profile is a bigger key to success than a premium account.

  1. Don’t bite on unwanted upsell

Some dating sites force expensive and almost useless membership upgrades on their users. You should buy a premium package only if its advantages are obvious, and you understand that you will surely use them. For example, you can be offered to pay for a chance to communicate, being reportedly offline. Is it a thing you cannot live without?

Don’t hurry up and start with a basic package to understand what you need extra. Don’t cough up in vain. If you don’t get as many replies as you want, check whether your profile stands out and only then try something else.


  1. Pay attention to auto-renewals of premium account

As it has already been mentioned, you should always check the terms of use before signing up. Usually, premium features are automatically renewed each month. However, most users forget about that and lose their money. So, if you decide to try some additional options for a month, don’t forget to set an alarm for the end date to be able to unsubscribe if you understand that you don’t need it anymore.

  1. Don’t ignore a free test period

If you decide to try a new paid dating site, don’t ignore a free test period to find out whether it meets your expectations and suits you in general. If you are going to use it at least for a few months, then it’s worth buying a subscription for the whole period. Usually, you pay less per month if you subscribe for several months at once.

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