How to Link Adhaar Number With Your Mobile Number

How to link aadhar to mobile number : 

Hi guys , welcome . So , in this post i’ll guide you about linking aadhar to mobile number . Now it is necessary or else your sim card will be blocked in few months.

You might have received message from your sim card operator (vodafone,idea,airtel,etc…) to link aadhar to your number. It looks like below image :

Given below is the process for it :- 

Documents necessary for the process:

  • Aadhaar Card Copy Of SIM Card Owner & Its Number
  • Switched ON Mobile With SIM Card
  • OTP You Receive During Process
  • Fingerprint for the biometric verification


  • First Of All If You Have Got The above SMS Then , visit the nearest retail store of sim card you are using to link aadhar card to it.
  • Provide the mobile number and aadhar card number to the retailer for the process.
  • He Will Send a four digit verification code On your number for the next level verification process.
  • You Have to give that verification number to the Storekeeper Again.
  • Then the retailer will ask you to give your fingerprint for the verification. Please put your finger on the machine he has.
  • Within 24 hours of the process you’ll receive message from the company for confirmation of the process.
  • Reply with ‘Y’ to the message and your process of linking is over.

Your sim card is successfully linked to aadhar card. 

Fees for the process :-

This process is totally free for now. So if any retailer asks you to pay then do not pay for this. If you haven’t linked your aadhar yet go and do it.

MOST IMPORTANT:  There is no app or site for linking aadhar card to mobile number so do not get trapped to any frauds. Just go to retailer for the same. 

  • Visit nearest store of your company of sim card you have.
  • Go with aadhar card . Show him the aadhar card and give your mobile number to retailer.
  • This process is free so do not give any money even if retailer asks you.
  • He will send you 4 digit code on your number.
  • You need to give him that code for the process.
  • Than he will ask to put your finger on his verification machine. Put it there for the process.
  • Within one day , you’ll receive confirmation message for linking process.
  • Reply it with yes.
  • That’s it. Your sim card is linked with aadhar card. You can enjoy using it.
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