How to send auto reply of Whatsapp

Hi there. This is Prem and Welcome to BigTricks.Today, I am back with another tutorial. In this tutorial, I am gonna show how to make auto reply of whatsapp. Most of the user are need to make send whatsapp auto reply. So just follow me steps by steps if you want make send auto reply of whatsapp.


Steps to Follow to send auto reply of Whatsapp:-

  1. Download the Auto reply Wazzap from playstore or click here- Download.
  2. Install the app
  3. Open that app
  4. You will find a enter button.
  5. In first column you will write what the SMS to send all the guys.
  6. Next option was style of the text
  7. After the next speed to send auto reply of whatsapp contact.
  8. Last option was auto reply speed of group.
  9. In top of the screen you will see the start the app
  10. If the app will work only on the network was in on and if the net is off it will not work
  11. I hope you are enjoying this trick
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