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Flipkart Crime Stories Answers, Flipkart Daily Quiz Answers 04 August 2021, Flipkart Crime Stories Quiz Answers today

Hello Friends, Flipkart is back with a Suspense Mystery Quiz Where You will see a Video and Find out Who Killed or Who is the prime suspect from the clues, It’s a bit different from other old Quizzes and You can Win Supercoins by answering this Quiz. We have added daily Quiz Answers for this Flipkart Quiz.

This quiz is just similar to Flipkart Kaun Who Did it Quiz and You can also earn supercoins while watching the episodes.Flipkart

There are many Quizzes live on Flipkart and Amazon where You can Win Big Cash Prizes and other Rewards. We Update Amazon Quiz Answers daily in the morning. You can also check out Flipkart Kya Bolti Public Quiz answers and Flipkart’s Fake or Not Quiz. You Can Checkout All the Flipkart Quiz Answers Here

Kaun Who Did It or Not Quiz Rewards –

Quiz Title
Flipkart Kaun Who Did It
₹1000 Flipkart Gift Voucher25  Winners Daily
Techno Smartphone1 Winners Daily
SupercoinsFor All Remaining Users

How To Play Flipkart Kaun Who Did it Quiz and Win Flipkart Vouchers –

1. First of All Open Flipkart App Using Below Link

Click Here

2. You Can Find The Banner for Crime Stories Or You Can Click on Games Section from the Bottom Menu of Flipkart Where You Can Find this GameFlipkart

3. Now Click On the Banner and You can Find the Promo Video

4. Now Click on Play Quiz and You will watch a Video and Quiz.

5. There After Giving All the 1 Answers, Click on the Claim Prize button and Check What You have Won.

6. You Can Win Flipkart Voucher, Super coins, etc.


Flipkart Crime Stories 4 August Quiz Answers

Q1. What time did Akshara exit the store?
Answer : 9:30 PM

Q2. Which route will help solve the case?
Answer : Kailash Statement

Q3. Who is the killer?
Answer : Akshara

Flipkart Crime Stories S1 E29 10 April Quiz Answers

Q1 in how much time will the bomb blast?

Answer- 8hours

Q2 who definitely did not plant the bomb?

Answer- Asif Khan

Q3 Who planted the bomb?

Answer- Chhote dada

Flipkart Crime Stories S1 E28 9 April Quiz Answers

Ans- Ashleel
Ans- Piyush
Ans- Shweta

Flipkart Crime Stories S1E27 8 April Quiz Answers

1. On which Street did all the suspects live
Answer – Gully no 7

2. Who is definitely innocent
Answer – Lalit

3. Who is the killer
Answer – Safia begum

Flipkart Crime Stories S1E25 6 April Quiz Answers

1. Which city did the victim’s brother reside
Answer – Sitapur

2. Who is definitely innocent
Answer – Riddhi

3. Who conspired with prem to fake his death
Answer – Chhagan


Flipkart Crime Stories S1E24 5 April Quiz Answers

1. Which of these is not job profile of suspects?
Answer – News Cameraman

2.Who is definitely innocent?

Answer – Arunima

3.Who is the killer?

Answer – Sahil


Flipkart Crime Stories S1E23 4 April Quiz Answers

Question 1: how far was yahika found from home

Answer : 1KM

Question 2 : Who is definitely innocent?

Answer : robbie

Question 3: Who is the culprit?

Answer : ashok

Flipkart Crime Stories S1E22 3 April Quiz Answers


Between 9 & 11



Flipkart Crime Stories S1E21 2 April Quiz Answers


1) which was the weapon used to kill rocky?
Hair Dryer

2) Who is definitely innocent

3) Who is the killer

Flipkart Crime Stories S1E20 1 April Quiz Answers

Q1. which of these ailments did Rajeev not have

Answer- high blood pressure

Q2. who WAS definitely innocent?

Answer – Anjum

Q3. Who is the killer?

Answer – None of them

Flipkart Crime Stories S1E19  31 March Quiz Answers

Q1. which poison was used to kill Jaydeep?
Answer- Ricin

Q2. who is definitely innocent?
Answer- Sweety

Q3. who is the killer?
Answer- Balbir

Flipkart Crime Stories S1E18  30 March Quiz Answers

Q1) which drugs Tanya consumed?

Q.2) Who is definitely innocent?

Q3) Who is the killer?

Flipkart Crime Stories S1E17 29 March Quiz Answers

On which date did Anushree not go to Vipassana
30th August

Who is definitely innocent

Who is the killer

Flipkart Crime Stories S1E16 28 March Quiz Answers

Which plant is used to make cyanide

Who is definitely innocent

Who is the killer
None of them

Flipkart Crime Stories S1E15 27 March Quiz Answers

where did the toolbox hit the jailor?
back -B

who WAS definitely innocent?

who is the killer?

Flipkart Crime Stories S1E14 26 March Quiz Answers

Who was hiding with the crown near the murder spot

Who is definitely innocent

Who is the killer

Flipkart Crime Stories S1E12 24 March Quiz Answers

what time did Rohan post the tweet?
11.37- D

who is definitely innocent?
Karan -C

who is the killer?

Flipkart Crime Stories S1E11 23 March Quiz Answers

1. What was the title of Mihir story?
Ek chuppa Hua sach -A

2. Who is definitely innocent
– Madan

3. Who is the killer?
– Kavita

Flipkart Crime Stories S1E10 22 March Quiz Answers

which of these is not a name of punishment corresponding to the murder?

who is definitely innocent’s?

who is the killer?
Thakur Baldev


Flipkart Crime Stories S1E9 21 March Quiz Answers

What time did Jayant go to Devlin’s room
9:00 Am

Who is definitely innocent

Who is the killer

Flipkart Crime Stories S1E8 20 March Quiz Answers

What was Chandu’s previous crime

Who was definitely not around when Ragini disappeared

Who amongst them is behind Ragini’s disappearance

Flipkart Crime Stories S1E7 19 March Quiz Answers

Q1. What is not present on the evidence table
Answer: DNA Samples

Q2. Who is definitely innocent
Answer: Saurav

Q3. Who is the killer
Answer: Avinash

Flipkart Crime Stories S1E6 18 March Quiz Answers

Q1. What is not present on the evidence table

Answer: Knife

Q2. Who is definitely innocent

Answer: Varun

Q3. Who is the killer

Answer: Naman

Flipkart Crime Stories S1E5 17 March Quiz Answers

Q1) what was the time of Rohan’s death?
Ans- 7:16 pm

Q2) two suspects can be declared innocent at this point in time ? Who two?
Ans- Sanaya & Abhimanyu

Q3) Who is the killer?
Ans- Chandni


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