Whatsapp Is Introducing New “Unsend” Messaging Feature


whatsapp Recently introduced Story feature in The Whatsapp App like Instagram Now Whatsapp is going to introduce a New Amazing Feature that can Change The World Of Texting!

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Sometime we send wrong message to wrong person or a Wrong chat this may lead to great confusion. so Whatsapp come up with this new Feature of unsending the message. now you can Revoke a message which was already sent.

This Feature is already available in Instagram and now it is launched in Whatsapp Beta and Whatsapp Web version for Testing it will soon released to All users.Whatsapp is testing the feature in a new beta release of WhatsApp Web which is a  part of WhatsApp Web 0.2.4077 update and would be available very soon. It will offer users a 5 minute window to revoke the sent message. Once those 5 minutes are over, the messages will stay and cannot be deleted then.The new features especially the former one will make Whatapp the undisputed king of messaging app. No other app has such feature and it would become the first one to bring such a revolutionary update. You can get More Whatsapp Tech tricks from www.TechieState.com

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